Player Info for Will Roach

Will Roach

Team NC State
Year SR
Home Town 

11/21/2003 vs UNC-Asheville621000001-20-10-0
11/25/2003 vs Howard200000010-00-00-0
11/28/2003 vs Florida A&M200000000-00-00-0
12/02/2003 @ Michigan000000000-00-00-0
12/07/2003 vs Wisc-Milwaukee000000000-00-00-0
12/13/2003 vs Hartford300000000-00-00-0
12/20/2003 @ South Carolina000000000-00-00-0
01/03/2004 vs UNC-Wilmington000000000-00-00-0
01/07/2004 vs B-Y-U101010000-00-00-0
01/20/2004 @ Boston College000000000-00-00-0
02/22/2004 vs Washington000000000-00-00-0
03/12/2004 vs Florida State000000000-00-00-0
03/13/2004 vs Maryland100000010-00-00-0
03/19/2004 vs UL-Lafayette000000000-00-00-0
03/21/2004 vs Vanderbilt000000000-00-00-0


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