ACC Football Injury Report -

ACC Football Injury Report

Boston College

Anthony Brown (QB)KneeOutis out for season
Connor Strachan (LB)KneeOutout for season
Elijah Johnson (OL)ACLOutout for season
Harold Landry (DE)AnkleQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Iowa
Jon Baker (OL)ACLOutout for season
Kamrin Moore (DB)ShoulderOutis out for season
Max Richardson (LB)KneeOutout indefinitely
Shane Leonard (OL)KneeQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Iowa


Garrett Williams (TE)KneeOutis out indefinitely
Greg Huegel (K)ACLOutout for season
Judah Davis (LB)MCLOutis OUT Monday vs Alabama
Logan Rudolph (LB)ShoulderOutout for season
Mark Fields (CB)FootProbableis upgraded to probable Monday vs Alabama
Richard Yeargin (DE)NeckOutout for season
Tre Lamar (LB)BackQuestionableis "?" Monday vs Alabama
Tucker Israel (QB)IllnessOutout indefinitely


Austin Parker (K)DisciplinaryOutis OUT Tuesday vs No Illinois
Ben Humphreys (LB)LegProbableis upgraded to probable Tuesday vs No Illinois
Jeremy McDuffie (S)KneeOutis out for season
Will Taylor (C)KneeOutis out for season


Alex Marshall (TE)HandQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
Baveon Johnson (OL)KneeOutout for season
Brady Scott (OL)FootQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
Calvin Brewton (DB)KneeQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
Darvin Taylor II (DT)ShoulderQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
David Robbins (OL)UndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
DeCalon Brooks (LB)KneeQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
Delvin Purifoy (LB)AnkleQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss
Deondre Francois (QB)KneeOutout for season
Derwin James (DB)Left TeamOutis OUT Wednesday vs Southern Miss
George Campbell (WR)HipOutis out for season
Jauan Williams (OL)ShoulderOutout for season
Landon Dickerson (OL)AnkleOutout for season
Malique Jackson (DB)HamstringQuestionableis "?" Wednesday vs Southern Miss


Colin Wilson (RB)KneeOutout for season
Devante Peete (WR)KneeOutout for season
Jeremy Smith (RB)Lower BodyOutout for season
P.J. Blue (S)KneeOutout indefinitely


Ahmmon Richards (WR)KneeOutis out for season
Charles Perry (LB)LegOutis out for season
Christopher Herndon IV (TE)KneeOutis out for season
Demetrius Jackson (DL)Lower BodyOutis out for season
Dionte Mullins (WR)UndisclosedOutis out for season
Evidence Njoku (WR)KneeOutis out for season
Mark Walton (RB)AnkleOutout for season
Trajan Bandy (DB)LegQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs Wisconsin

NC State

Bradley Chubb (DE)UndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Friday vs Arizona State
Brock Miller (LB)ShoulderOutout for season
Dakwa Nichols (RB)KneeOutout for season
Dante Johnson (DT)Lower BodyOutout for season
Deonte Holden (DE)Upper BodyQuestionableis "?" Friday vs Arizona State
Erin Collins (RB)SuspensionOutout indefinitely
Freddie Phillips Jr. (DB)AchillesOutout for season
Isaiah Moore (LB)SuspensionOutout indefinitely
James Valdez (CB)KneeOutout for season
Marquise Braxton (RB)Lower BodyOutout for season
Riley Nicholson (LB)Left TeamOutout for season
Stephen Louis (WR)AnkleQuestionableis "?" Friday vs Arizona State
Trae Meadows (DB)PersonalOutout indefinitely
Xavier Lyas (DE)SuspensionOutout indefinitely


Ben Hogg (WR)UndisclosedOutout for season
Juwan Moye (DT)SuspensionOutis OUT Thursday vs Navy
Micah Kiser (LB)ThumbProbableis probable Thursday vs Navy
Steven Wright (DE)SuspensionOutis OUT Thursday vs Navy
Tim Harris (CB)WristOutout for season

Virginia Tech

Caleb Farley (WR)KneeOutis out for season
D.J. Reid (RB)Left TeamOutout for season
Divine Deablo (DB)FootOutout for season
Jarrod Hewitt (DT)IllnessQuestionableis "?" Thursday vs Oklahoma State
Joey Slye (K)HamstringQuestionableis "?" Thursday vs Oklahoma State
Mook Reynolds (DB)IllnessQuestionableis "?" Thursday vs Oklahoma State
Sean Savoy (WR)UndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Thursday vs Oklahoma State
Tavante Beckett (LB)Legal problemsOutout indefinitely
Terrell Edmunds (S)ShoulderOutis out for season
Travon McMillian (RB)TransferredOutis OUT Thursday vs Oklahoma State
Vinny Mihota (DE)KneeOutis out for season
Yosuah Nijman (OT)LegQuestionableis "?" Thursday vs Oklahoma State

Wake Forest

Cade Carney (RB)Lower BodyQuestionableis "?" Friday vs Texas A&M
Greg Dortch (WR)AbdominalOutis out for season
Traveon Redd (DB)ElbowOutout indefinitely

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