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Toughest Conference Schedule

This page will attempt to quantify which team has the toughest remaining schedule by weighting the teams based on their opponents Pythagorean Winning Percentage. The PWP is a calculation that uses both Offensive and Defensive Efficiency ratings to generate the projected winning percentage against an average schedule.

Weighting Used
TeamPythag Winning Pct
 Boston College 0.45932
 Clemson 0.67885
 Duke 0.89182
 FSU 0.64415
 Georgia Tech 0.47690
 Louisville 0.71616
 Miami 0.52843
 UNC 0.83357
 Notre Dame 0.52404
 Pittsburgh 0.56901
 NC State 0.76980
 Syracuse 0.63222
 Virginia 0.91933
 Virginia Tech 0.84758
 Wake Forest 0.23689

Toughest Schedules
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