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What is fantasy college basketball?

Fantasy college basketball is similar to fantasy football, fantasy baseball, etc but with college basketball players. Fantasy sports, in general, are a method of owning players and accumulating points based on your player's game performance. You will be able to manage and improve your roster by signing free agents, dropping players, and making trades. Currently SCACC Hoops only allows players in the ACC to be selected. It is our hope to expand to other conferences very soon!

How do I participate?

You have three options. If you have been invited to play in someone's league, then you can join a private. If you have not, you can create a private or public league and then invite your friends to play. If you are interested in playing, but don't have enough people to fill out your own league, you could join a Public League.

How are fantasy points calculated?

Fantasy points are calculated based on the following statistics:

  1. Points
  2. Rebounds
  3. Assists
  4. Steals
  5. Blocks
  6. Turnovers
  7. Ejections
  8. Technicals

The commissioner in each league will have the ability to assign factors to each statistical category, thus weighting some statistical categories heavier than others.

What league formats are there?

Currently, there are two possible league formats:

  1. Head-to-Head: Face off with another owner each game of the season.
  2. Game-by-Game: Your top performers will be identified on a game to game basis, and stats will be tabulated to find a winner.

What games accumulate fantasy points?

It's your choice. You can choose to use only conference games, or use our new feature to the 2011-12 season to include non-conference games.

Want More?

Take a look at our Preview League Slideshow.

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