Syracuse: RB Jerome Smith Going Pro -

Syracuse: RB Jerome Smith Going Pro

by NunesMagician

Posted: 12/20/2013 5:27:28 PM

Jerome Smith changes course and announces that he will go pro, forging his final season at Syracuse.

I admit, I was surprised when Syracuse Orange RB Jerome Smith told Bud Poliquin, "yeah, I'm coming back" in early December. Considering he almost jumped to the NFL before this season, it seemed strange that he'd want to come back for yet another season in the midst of a crowded backfield and the uncertainty of another year.

So I'm not at all surprised at new reports that Smith is actually going pro instead of sticking around for his senior season.

Certainly, this tweet backs up the claim...

And Scott Shafer confirmed it...



After a slow start, Smith finished with 840 yards on 184 carries and 12 total touchdowns this season. On his career, he's rushed for 2,145 yards and 15 TDs, That's outside the top ten all-time, but not by much (No. 10 Ernie Davis - 2,386).

The Orange may be losing their most dependable, bruising running back over the last two season, but they've got a phalanx of running backs ready to take his place. Next man up...

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