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Why do Americans Love College Sports but Europeans Don't?

by WebMaster

Posted: 7/26/2021 6:37:48 AM

College sports have involved and excited millions for many years now. Massively supported, it has grown into a huge entity involving sport, business, and entertainment inside America. But why is this, and why have so few people outside the U.S. heard about these events? It's hard to fathom why it's so popular in America but nowhere else. The sports of basketball and American football have flourished due to the top-level competitions that are held annually which intrigues people of all ages. Some reasons for the continuing success of these sports may be as follows:

Spectators find it Fascinating

Some people think that the college sports scene rivals the all-important senior men's sports versions. The American NFL and also the NBA are the pinnacle of both these sports and what every college athlete is aspiring towards. While most people outside of America have heard of both these organizations, not many have heard of the college versions such as the NCAA. It's a big surprise that these levels of fervent support exist for the youngsters. The social aspect, such as being able to go to the games and meet friends can only add to the interest in these events. The joyful fact that you can have a beer in the stadiums also makes it more appealing. The atmosphere at these games is usually highly entertaining and win or lose, people usually leave highly satisfied having seen a good show.

Teams are Spread Out throughout the Country

Because of the sheer size of the country and a variety of other reasons such as money or support, there is a surprising list of places that don't have an NFL or NBA team. Because of this, the support in these areas for college sports is through the roof. People prefer the more personal approach and seeing their favorite players in the flesh is more appealing in comparison to following them on television. Fans may want to get involved in the local scene and there is certainly a great feeling of local pride if a player can make the big time of the NBA or NFL. According to some, simply playing a starring role for the best college teams puts them firmly in the spotlight.

TV Coverage

People in Europe would be absolutely bemused by the amount of coverage on TV that is devoted to these college sports and teams. Most of the big European soccer clubs these days usually have their own dedicated paid channels, where you could watch their underage teams or indeed the lower leagues. Whereas in America, channels are revolving around the whole college scene, on cable or subscription. Some fans receive overloads of games, interviews, and analysis. The fact that this much coverage is given to college sports is astounding. Premier League clubs are trying hard to crack the American market.

Staggering Numbers in Attendance

It's hard to comprehend sometimes how popular these games are. People recognize all the famous teams and also their star players, but many also follow these college sports with great interest. While big European soccer teams have a big following, it's fair to say that huge support for school teams is unheard of. Players that are deemed to be any good are usually plucked from smaller clubs to join the bigger club while continuing their schooling.

Unbelievably, many stadiums for college sports in America even surpass the capacity of some Premier League football stadiums in England. This may come as an absolute shock to many. To think that with all the money involved in the English soccer league, which is broadcasted all over the world, it is made to look minuscule by college sports that are not even at the top level in their own country is very strange.

Fancy a Flutter?

College sports are just one sector in a gigantic and popular market spread across America. Although lagging behind a lot of the world because gambling is still illegal in many states here, people who are interested enough to do so can manage to have a wager online. There are lots of folks from all different walks of life who like to gamble on college sports, and there is a wide range of traditional and online bookies such as kaszinó that are waiting to take bets.

Simply joining an online casino allows you to browse through a selection of markets, be it on basketball or football. The sheer scale of betting options available can keep even the hardest to please gamblers happy. Just make sure not to bet under the influence as you may make some poor decisions.

The Chance to be a Future Star

While it's fair to say most young adults in Europe dream of being the next soccer superstar, or even rugby star, across the ocean things are different. Soccer in the United States has grown in popularity in recent years, although the standard of the league has now improved and it is certainly drawing more high profile names, as players and even as owners of clubs.

Playing these college sports is a good advertisement for showcasing your skills. Many of the big-name teams will send scouts to watch these games and some players drawing interest may indeed already have developed a cult following around their town or state. At these games you never know who you may be lucky enough to be watching. The next superstar could be right in front of your eyes. For long term fans, it's both pleasing and interesting to watch a player hone his skills and hopefully become an icon in the game.


It remains to be seen if interest in college sports will ever wane, they appear to be a constant staple in the mindset of most Americans. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, it's highly recommended to take in a game if you get the chance due to the electric atmosphere at games. If you are a diehard fan you could join an online casino and perhaps use your knowledge of the sport to boost your bank balance. In these tough times, it also may make your enjoyment of the game a lot better as every point seems so much more important if there's money on it. The fact that there's a chance you could be watching the next big thing in sport also appeals as everyone likes to say they saw them first when they hit the big time.

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