Game Sim Picks the 2013 National Champion -

Game Sim Picks the 2013 National Champion

by WebMaster

Posted: 3/20/2013 7:54:07 AM

Over the past few days we have given you Game Sim's predictions for the Midwest and West Regions and the South and East Regions.  Today, we tell you who Game Sim picked as the 2013 National Champion.

In the round of 8, Louisville defeats Duke to advance in the Midwest.  One correction in the West, Ohio State was the winner in the New Mexico/Ohio State game (not New Mexico as my graphic had yesterday).  This one went back and forth after hundreds of simulations but the Buckeyes ultimately were the winner.  Ohio State defeated Wisconsin in the round of 8 to advance to the final four.  In the South, Florida defeats Kansas.  In the East, Indiana defeats Marquette.  Which brings us to the Final Four...

Final Four


  • Louisville and Indiana both advance in the championship with 5-7 point wins.
  • The championship game was a pick'em, but Louisville won more of the matchups so I went with the Cardinals as the 2013 Game Sim National Champion prediction.

Thanks for being such big fans of the Game Simulator, and remember #GameSimKnowsAll.

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