Top Basketball Tips: Extend Your Playtime Effectively -

Top Basketball Tips: Extend Your Playtime Effectively

by WebMaster

Posted: 10/26/2020 1:00:50 AM

Are you looking to hone your basketball skills? Do you want to enjoy more on-court action than before? To have more playtime in basketball, you need to ensure that you follow the tips below. Not only will you have an extended time at the court, but also enjoy it immensely.

Seek Guidance From Your Coach

One of the significant things you should address first when it comes to succeeding in basketball is your contribution to the team. You can gain more clarity on this by seeking assistance from your coach. It is easy for a coach to point out your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on them during practice sessions. Since it is a team sport you have to learn to work as a team and not focus on your individual achievements. This will make you an irreplaceable player.

Good Defense

When you excel in defending it can keep you on the court much longer than your skills in dribbling or shooting. So, work on putting up a tough defense. Good practice can help you hone your skills. While you are at it, take some time for relaxation. Playing at one of the numerous UK casinos online is a great way to destress. The casinos offer fantastic entertainment with their safe and reliable offerings. Sites like Slot games online provide a plethora of titles and promos that will help you chill out and have a good time.

Exploit Your Strengths

To excel in any sport, you need not be good at all aspects. For instance, you may not be good at scoring in basketball, but excel in defending or other significant moves that help in scoring. So, identify your strengths and work on perfecting them. Don’t try to achieve things that are clearly your weaknesses, but work on them while you are practicing. This will ensure you are not relegated to the bench during prime playtime.

Charges Are Imperative

To fetch the ball for your team and providing a defensive barrier, you need to assume charge. It also imposes foul on the other team. Your opponent team will also be hesitant in driving the ball lest they come down with another foul.

Box Out Skills

If you are good at boxing out you can snag a rebound adeptly. Coaches always favor players who excel inbox out skills. This will ensure you do not miss the rebound shots and can increase your playing chances considerably.

Best Shots

Always aim for good shots. When you take the best advantage of an open shot it is considered as a good shot and one that other players do not get for scoring.

Extra Passes Help In Winning More Games

Although when you get a great shot you should take it, it pays to be unselfish a few times and make extra passes. This helps in many ways. Firstly, your teammates will reciprocate in kind and you will find more passes sent your way. Coaches also love players who are into extra passes. It also helps you win more.


Hope you liked our basketball tips. Follow them diligently and you can see the difference in your game and your playtime easily. Not only will you be playing more, but also contribute towards more goals and be hailed as a team player.

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