Supporting the Underdogs: 7 NFL Players We Want to See Do Well This Season -

Supporting the Underdogs: 7 NFL Players We Want to See Do Well This Season

by WebMaster

Posted: 10/15/2021 12:51:58 AM

7 Players we want to see have an amazing 2021 season

It is that time of year again, we have played enough games in the new season for people to start placing bets on the season's MVP. Yes, it probably is too early to call, especially considering some of the upsets that we have seen already this season… But is that going to stop us from having fun speculating? No!

Instead of looking at the stars of the NFL, today, we are going to talk about the league's underdogs. We will be discussing some players we would love to see have an amazing 2021 season. This list includes some players who have been playing well over the last few years but have been overshadowed. As well as players who had a bad season last year. And a rookie or two who were picked late in the Draft and who we want to see shine.

Here are 7 NFL players we want to see do well this season: 

#1 - Patrick Mahomes

We know that Patrick Mahomes won't be an underdog in everyone's eyes. He is the starting quarterback for a team that has made it into the Super Bowl for the last two years in a row and won at their first appearance. But let us explain ourselves.

With players like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady playing in the NFL, Mahomes doesn't get enough credit for the hard work that he puts in. Add to that the poor start he's had to the 2021 season and all the grief he is getting for that. Mahomes isn't going to be many people's top pick for MVP this year. Disagree with this – find Fanduel's NFL prop bets here.

Here's hoping Patrick Mahomes has an amazing rest of the 2021 season.

#2 - Xavier Jones

Cam Akers was the man that the Los Angeles Rams had pinned all their backfield on. However, after his huge injury at the end of the last season, a new space has opened up that Rams coach Sean McVay will definitely be looking to fill.

The good news for McVay is that he has Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones, and Jake Funk in his squad. Henderson is going to have a great season, we know that. But we would also love to see Xavier Jones excel this season too. Especially as he joined the team as an undrafted free agent.

#3 - Chase Young

In our humble opinion, Chase Young deserved the overall Rookie of the Year title last year. Yes, he won Defensive Player of the year, but he deserved more. He had an incredible season and came second overall in sacks. He was also invited to the Pro Bowl.

After an amazing first season, it is not uncommon for a player to plateau and to have a rough second season. We really hope that this doesn't happen for Chase Young as his Rookie season deserved more praise, and showed us all that he has the potential to be a superstar.

#4 - Ryan Succop 

If you are a fan of underdogs then you may closely follow the careers of Mr Irrelevant, like we do. If you don't know what the Mr Irrelevant title is, it's given to the player who is picked last in the draft. One of the benefits of being Mr Irrelevant includes a free trip to Disneyland with your family, a regatta, a roast, and a Lowsman Trophy.

Ryan Succop is one of the most successful Mr Irrelevents of all time. In Super Bowl LV he became the first Mr Irrelevant to play in and to win a Super Bowl.

We'd love to see Succop have another successful year.

#5 - Kyler Murray

If you vaguely recognize this name, it is because Kyler Murray was the Offensive Rookie of the year in the 2019 season. But like many of the Rookies of the Year before him, he faded into the background during his second season.

Murray is the quarterback for the Cardinals and was invited to the Pro Bowl last year But, much like Mahomes, it's easy to get overshadowed by more famous quarterbacks at the moment.

Murray had an incredible college season and was highly celebrated there. We would love to see him have a record-breaking season and get some of the praise he that really deserves.

#6 - Sam Darnold

There is a big question mark hanging over Sam Darnold. Until the season really kicks off we won't know if he is actually a good quarterback or not. We do know that Darnold is a very highly paid player who has yet to really improve himself.

Yes, we saw him play well for the Jets, but we also saw him completely collapse there. However, with the Panthers, Darnold will have better staff around him and will be in a more stable position.

If he is as good as his paycheck suggests then the league will get a whole lot more interesting.

#7 - Grant Stuard

We couldn't finish this list without talking about Mr Irrelevant of 2021. His name is Grant Stuard.

Despite having a pretty solid college career, Grant Stuard was picked last in this year's Draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are not a bad team to be a part of, especially after their victory last year and their acquisition of Tom Brady. It was the Bucs that Succop became the first Mr Irrelevant to play and win a Super Bowl with.

We hope that Stuard has a 2021 season full of sacks, tackles, and is free from injury.

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