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Jimbo Fisher fuels ACC Football vs SEC Football debate

by Jfann

Posted: 7/14/2017 6:50:42 AM

Jimbo Fisher got SEC Football Nation into a twist  with one simple statement Thursday at the ACC Media Days.

“I think we’ve established ourselves as the premier conference in college football,” 

Let the debate begin…

There’s alot more where that came from too. Here’s my opinion on the matter. I think it’s great for college football. Pure dominance gets boring. We appreciate and admire it, but it gets boring. When the SEC had teams that won 7 National Titles in a row, the media ate it up. Who could argue? SEC teams were winning championships, and dominanting their rivals. It became nauseating for the rest of us, but the only way to make it stop was to beat them.

That’s what the ACC has done. The conference is 23-20 against the SEC the last 4 years, 19-13 the last 3 years, and 10-4 last year. That’s not a trend. That is reality. The ACC chased caught and passed the SEC in 2016.

Will the SEC comeback? Will the ACC stayed in front? I think the debate is great. You generate fan interest, and national attention. You get those fun conference narrative stories.

The best part is the ACC and SEC play a ton of games against each other, so you get to prove it on the field. Let the debate begin between the old guard SEC and the upstart ACC.

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