ACC Network Deals not signed? Don't worry and here's why -

ACC Network Deals not signed? Don't worry and here's why

by Jfann

Posted: 6/7/2019 8:40:49 PM

There’s seems to be a growing concern that some distribution deals for the ACC Network are not yet signed. Is it time to time to worry? No it’s not, and here’s why.

Let’s go back to the successful launch of the SEC Network. Remember the SEC launched on August, 14 2014.

Charter signed on August 6, 2014

Cox Communications signed on July 9, 2014

Comcast signed on July 18, 2014

CableOne signed on August 1, 2014

WOW signed on August 1, 2014

DirectTV signed on August 5, 2014

That’s a lot of distribution deals signed between July and August.

Pitt AD Heather Lyke doesn’t seem concerned in this article in the PostGazette. 

“ESPN, they’re doing a terrific job, but it will be very intense between now and Aug. 22 to see which cable companies pick it up,” Lyke said. “We feel like we’re in a really good position.”

The ACC’s current predicament isn’t exactly uncommon. Lyke noted that the Big Ten Network — the standard-bearer of conference-centric channels that has helped make the Big Ten, by far, the most profitable league in college athletics — wasn’t picked up by Comcast until 18 months after it had launched in 2007 (the two sides also settled a carriage dispute last September).

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call your cable provider and demand the ACC Network. That’s the only way they’ll know you want it. The late distribution agreements are just part for the course.

Oh the ACC Network already has DirectTV signed months before the SEC Network did.

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