The 30 most intriguing 2017 college football games featuring an ACC team (20-16) -

The 30 most intriguing 2017 college football games featuring an ACC team (20-16)

by Jfann

Posted: 5/11/2017 6:11:07 AM

I’m starting up a series to get you looking forward to the 2017 college football season. These are  30 most intriguing 2017 college football games featuring an ACC team. We move to (25-21) in this post.

cutcliffe-doddLet’s get in right into it.

Games 30 – 26 | Games 25 – 21 | Games 15 – 11 | Games 10 – 6 | Games 5 – 1

16) Duke vs Northwestern, September 9, 2017 

Last year’s Duke vs Northwestern game was quietly one of the more physical games of the year. A Duke win could really kick start their year. David Cutcliffe and Pat Fitzgerald is a matchup of two very good coaches.

17) UNC vs NC State, November 25, 2017

NC State winning this game last year helped get their head Dave Doeren off the hot-seat for the time being. This football series isn’t appreciated enough.

18) Louisville vs Kentucky, November 25, 2017

Kentucky pulled off a shocker of a win at Louisville last year for the SEC’s lone win over an ACC team on rivalry weekend. Louisville is going for revenge in this one.

19) Georgia Tech vs Clemson, October 28, 2017

Clemson has won 5 of the last 7 games in this series with the Tigers in the last 5 years blowing out Georgia Tech each year expect in the Jackets 2014 win. 10 years ago this would have been in the top 10 on this list as the games were usually high competitive. This is still a good rivalry, with a solid history and the schools proximity to each other makes for an always intriguing game.

20) Duke vs Miami, September 29, 2017

Miami returns to Durham to play Duke. You remember the last time these teams played in Wallace Wade? It was one of the most controversial endings to a game from the 2015 season. Come on you want to see if it happens again, right?


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