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Raycom will have a new role with the ACC Network

by Jfann

Posted: 3/12/2019 8:00:48 AM

A lot of people have wondered what role if any the ACC’s syndication TV partner Raycom would have once the ACC Network launched.

Back in 2013 when we speculated what the ACC Network would look like,  we also discussed Raycom’s potential role.

My expectation is Raycom will continue to manage the Digital Aspect, but that ESPN would have to re-obtain the syndicated games. Of course maybe ESPN lets Raycom become part of the ACC Channel somehow as well. They are based in Charlotte, NC, the same likely location as the SEC Network. How this is handled is probably the portion I’m least sure of, though it hardly seems like a show stopper. Heck everything Raycom does now is branded as the ACC Network already…

Now we know Raycom’s role from a recent article  in the Greensboro.com. 

Not only will Raycom remain in a production role, but it will also continue to serve as the league’s digital partner, help develop some programming on the ACC Network and manage the league’s rights.

Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for that prediction!

Raycom has worked with the ACC for many years, and the familiarity between the two makes for a good partnership going forward. I like the move.

That same article also has some very encouraging news from John Swofford regarding the distribution of the ACC Network. There’s a lot of good information in that article so it is worth a read.

“The early distribution negotiation and deals have gone very, very well and that’s extremely encouraging,” he said. “We’re to the point now where we’re having more and more serious conversations about things like programming and talent and content and scheduling, and that’s fun.”


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