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Ranking the 5 best Defensive Linemen in the ACC for 2022

by Jfann

Posted: 6/24/2022 5:44:45 AM

Well, here we go. It’s time to start ranking the best players in the ACC for the 2022 season.

As usual, we hope you enjoy the rankings.

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1) Bryan Bresee, Clemson

Is it 2018 again? Clemson is back with the 4 of the top 5 defensive linemen in the ACC and arguably the best defensive front in all college football led by DT Bryan Bresee.

Bresee is explosive, physical, and a terror in the interior. The 6-5 300 lbs Bresee can be a dominant defensive lineman when he’s healthy. Bresee is a consensus preseason All-American and projected 1st round NFL pick.

2) Myles Murphy, Clemson

Bryan Bresee might be the best interior lineman in the country, and Clemson’s Myles Murphy might be the country’s best defensive end. Tremendous in pursuit, Murphy is the quarterback’s worst nightmare. Last season he had 14 tackles for loss, with 7 sacks.

Murphy has the potential to be a 1st round NFL pick and could work himself into a top 10 pick.

3) Calijah Kancey, Pittsburgh

How good is Pittsburgh’s Calijah Kancey? He’s good enough to be the one ACC player to break Clemson’s stranglehold on the ACC’s best defensive linemen.

He’s also a pre-season All-America pick. Is there a conference with two better defensive tackles than Bryan Bresee and Calijah Kancey? Kancey is only 6-0 275 lbs, but Pittsburgh has had pretty experience defensive tackles critics thought were undersized. Have you ever heard of Aaron Donald? Kancey is a top 4-round NFL pick.

4) Tyler Davis, Clemson

Lindy’s has ranked Bryan Bresee as the number 2 DT in the nation, and Tyler Davis as number 6. No other school had more than 1 player in the top 12. I’m not even sure we’ve seen the best of Davis, as he battled injuries in 2021. Despite that, he was still a 1st or 2nd All-ACC pick last season.

If Davis can play to his full potential, Clemson has another 1st Round NFL pick.

5) Xavier Thomas, Clemson

Xavier Thomas makes for the 4th Clemson player on this list. Thomas is an athletic and powerful edge rusher who was part of the 2018 Clemson National Champion Team when he was a freshman All-American. That would have Thomas as part of the two most talented defenses in recent memory.

He seemed destined to be a 1st round pick but has struggled with injuries and COVID-related injuries. When he’s right though he’s a Day 1 NFL talent.


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