Predicting the 2023 Virginia Tech Hokies Record -

Predicting the 2023 Virginia Tech Hokies Record

by TalkinACC

Posted: 5/22/2023 8:30:18 AM

This was a tough one for me. I want to believe in the Brent Pry experience in Blacksburg, but honestly, I don’t know if year two gets much better than year one.

With that being said, there is good talent on the Hokies football roster, but is it good enough to win 4-5 games, or maybe six games to get bowl eligible? It’s a possibility but likely won’t happen.

Let’s face it — winning three games is treading water after three wins last year for the Pry-led Hokies. But the main question is this; are there three or more wins to be accounted for on the Hokies schedule?

Virginia Tech 2023 football prediction:

  • ODU – W
  • Purdue – L
  • Rutgers – L
  • Marshall – L
  • Pitt – L
  • Florida State – L
  • Wake Forest – L
  • Syracuse – W
  • Louisville – L
  • Boston College – W
  • NC State – L
  • Virginia – L

Unfortunately, it’s tough to get a read on the Hokies this year especially coming off of last year’s terrible season. Maybe Pry’s Hokies will surprise us all but as of right now, my prediction is (3-9, 2-6).

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