NC State With an Epically Bad Loss to Boston College -

NC State With an Epically Bad Loss to Boston College

by Hokie Smash

Posted: 11/13/2022 7:57:55 AM

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Just when you think North Carolina State University (NC State) turns a corner without having a season with bad, unexpected losses, the Dave Doeren Wolfpack turnaround and lose to Boston College.  This is one loss, quite frankly, that I did not expect to see.  I thought, frankly, I was done watching nosedives like this one from a Dave Doeren team.

You see, NC State barely escaped with a win vs. Virginia Tech (who – by all intents and purposes, is probably the ACC’s 1st or 2nd worst football team this year – at a minimum, the 2nd or 3rd worst football team is either Virginia Tech or Virginia – we know the ACC’s worst team resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia).  But the Wolfpack found a way to escape.

Rather sarcastic, but I really thought the Wolfpack would lose to Wake Forest this year – because NC State was a fluke field goal away from 0-5 vs. Wake Forest.   But somehow, NC State got through the game this year – and hung on to defeat the Demon Deacons.   I then thought – no – these Doeren team’s are done with playing down to the level of competition on the field.

Heck no, that was not true.

Lady luck, though, is only going to help you a certain number of times:  NC State epically played down to the level of competition today vs. Boston College – and that costs you at some point.  This was an embarrassing, humiliating, disastrous loss for NC State (using the words of @TalkinACCSports here).  Boston College ran for NEGATIVE ONE YARDS.  Louder for the people in back.  Boston College ran for NEGATIVE ONE YARDS.  How the heck does Boston College win a game running for NEGATIVE ONE YARDS?  Simple – while NC State had great rushing defense, the Wolfpack simply couldn’t stop turn the football over – like 5 times – I lost count.  So yeah, that solid rushing defense performance is negated by a lack of discipline on offense.

And this is why you see NC State fans get so upset with Dave Doeren –  it’s absolutely true that NC State is not playing with the quarterback they planned to start all year – for sure that’s true – Devin Leary is not on the field – but Boston College LOST TO VIRGINIA TECH.  I’m being a little sarcastic here – but the Hokies have been straight out awful this year yet they found a way to crush Boston College.   Just when you think NC State is ready to take a jump to the next level of the ACC – or at least a jump to “I don’t think NC State is going to have any trash losses,” you get what you saw today.

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