How Wake Forest can reach the College Football Playoff -

How Wake Forest can reach the College Football Playoff

by Jfann

Posted: 11/5/2021 5:18:09 AM

Wake Forest has reached November 8-0. If you are an undefeated Power 5 team, and you reach November undefeated you deserve to be in the playoff discussion. Can Wake Forest really reach the playoffs, and how can it happen?

  1. Wake Forest has to win out. The Deacs just don’t have enough meat on their schedule to afford a loss. They have yet to beat a team, that’s been ranked at any point this season. Now the season does finish with good tests – North Carolina, NC State, Clemson, and top 25 matchup in the ACC Title game.
  2. The Deacs need to basically move from their intial playoff ranking of 9  to the 4th sport, that’s 4 teams to leap frog. Ohio State and Michigan play – loser out. Ohio State and Michigan State play – loser out. The Deacs have a pretty good chance to jump at least 2 of these teams, moving them to the 6/7 position.
  3. They’ll stay ahead of Notre Dame who end with a miserable schedule even if they win out.
  4. Alabama needs a second loss. Alabama beating Georgia in the SEC Title would be bad as that will probably land two SEC teams in the playoff. A second Alabama loss has Wake Forest 5/6.
  5. Oklahoma or Oregon or Cincinnati lose a game, and Wake Forest staring right at the top 4.

The scenario isn’t a stretch really at all, especially the Deacs can go undefeated.

Frankly already at this point, what Wake Forest has done is remarkable and certainly makes fanbases crying that their team can’t compete in todays college football landscape fall on deaf ears. If Wake Forest can reach the top 10 and credit to their staff and program, your program has simply no excuse.




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