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Duke could turn college football upside down with a win over Notre Dame

by Jfann

Posted: 9/25/2023 6:23:24 AM

There have been several unique and fun storylines in college football early this year, but if the Duke Blue Devils could take down Notre Dame in primetime ABC, in front of a sold-out home crowd, with college gameday on site then college football would truly be turned upside down in 2023.

What’s so great about stories like this and TCU last year is that it throws out every conventional thought about what you think you know about college football, and some X accounts already realize this.

Duke comes into the game 4-0 with 4 blowout wins.

Clemson? Blew them out. Lafayette? Blew them out. Northwestern? Blew them out. Connecticut? Blew them out.

Now obviously Clemson is the biggest win there, but if that were a brand-name football program they would be ranked in the top 10. As it is Duke is ranked 16/17 in the two major polls.

Notre Dame comes in ripe for an upset. They should have beat Saturday night. Up 14-10, on the game’s final drive, their defense missed chance after chance to close the game out. The Irish dropped two interceptions that would have ended the game, let Ohio State convert a 4th and 7 and a 3rd and 19, and only had 10 players on the field on the game’s final play.

The Irish will have a difficult time turning their attention to Duke. How could they not? They let a winnable game slip right through their hands. It gives them no margin for error if they want to make the playoffs.

I can’t think of a bigger football game to hit Durham in recent memory.

Can you imagine if Duke wins, they will have to be considered bonafide playoff contenders leaving media pundits searching for answers to how Duke got so good so fast.

I’ll tell you HC Mike Elko, and a team that believes in every single thing he’s preaching.

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