College basketball's tallest team just got taller -

College basketball's tallest team just got taller

by James Szuba

Posted: 7/9/2018 2:25:40 PM

Holy Doley.

Last college basketball season, the Syracuse Orange measured as the tallest team in the country. Standing at an average height of 80.1 inches, Syracuse was one total inch taller than both Duke and San Jose State, who were tied for second tallest, per Ken Pom.

But it looks as though the Orange will be just a bit taller this season as Syracuse’s resident Slovakian in Marek Dolezaj shot up to 6-foot-10 this summer.

Now, height at Ken Pom is measured by taking the average listed height of players on each team and weighing that by total minutes played. Players who play less than 10 percent of their team’s total minutes are excluded, so that 80.1 inches stands to change with new members in the fold. But having Dolezaj grow another inch or so certainly doesn’t hurt.

Perhaps more importantly as it relates to us here, it’s been confirmed that Doley has been eating pizza this summer.

Dolezaj got this whole pizza thing started when he came down to New York for the ACC Tournament, dropped 20 points on Wake Forest and walked out of Barclays with an entire pie for himself. He then followed that up by eating Little Caesar’s Arena for dinner in Syracuse’s Sweet 16 run, helping the Orange win three games in five days to advance to the 2018 NCAA Tournament’s second weekend.

We’ll have to wait to see what’s been on the pizza menu for Dolezaj this summer, but we’ll look forward to the intervention at Twin Trees for him to truly decide who makes the better pie.

More to come on the pizza front, but seeing Dolezaj shoot up to 6-foot-10 is a bit of surprising good offseason news. In the interim, here’s some relevant Drake:


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