Brotherly Acts that Shine in the NBA -

Brotherly Acts that Shine in the NBA

by WebMaster

Posted: 4/29/2020 12:30:58 AM

For some, sports are an individual career, yet for others, it’s something that they can use to bond with families. That is why today, we want to look at some NBA acts that shine brightest in the NBA.

Pau and Marc Gasol

While many think that these brothers are best known for being traded for each other, that’s not the case. They are in actual fact known for a whole lot more other than that. They are both in the Hall of Fame, with three rings, none All-Star appearances, six NBA berths, and two all-Rookie selections. They also have individual hardware with 2002 Rookie of the Year for Pau and 2013 Defensive Player for the Year for Marc. Maybe there will be a real money online slot based on him.

Tom and Dick Van Arsdale

When we talk of NBA family bonds, they do not get any tighter than this. The Van Arsdale twins managed to make sure that both their names were recorded in history.

They were both drafted at the same time in 1965. And they both made NBA’s all-rookie team. They were both are three-time All-Star. Additionally, they both wrapped up together in Phoenix in 1976-77 combining 13.5 points in 38.2 minutes.

Marcus and Markieff Morris

It seems when comes to the NBA twins are in it to win it. Other than having the same DNA, they enjoyed playing together at Phoenix. The great part is that they shared a $52 million contract that they divided themselves.  

$52 million is a lot of money. But we are sure at least one or two real money online casino games progressives at bestcasinositesonline online casino that can reach that figure.


As we said earlier, sports doesn’t have to be an individual affair. You and your sibling can be in it together and still emerge visitors. As we can clearly tell by the NBA brotherly cats, sometimes working or playing in this case with family is actually best.

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