Best and Worst case record for Louisville football in 2018 -

Best and Worst case record for Louisville football in 2018

by Jfann

Posted: 7/7/2018 8:00:32 AM

Let's take a look at Louisville football.

Best / Worse Case Record for :

Virginia | Miami | Duke | Georgia Tech | Boston College | Pittsburgh | Florida State | Virginia Tech | NC State | Clemson | Syracuse | North Carolina | Wake Forest

I wonder if Louisville fans feel like the Cardinals should have accomplished more during the Lamar Jackson years. Jackson will go down as one of the greatest ACC quarterbacks in history. There was a fair amount of  talent that ended up in the NFL too. Should the Cards have been better the last 2 years? Now in 2018, Louisville looks like a team that will be rebuilding. Bobby Petrino didn’t forget how to coach, but a rough 2018, and Louisville fans may start getting a little restless with him.

I like Louisville long-term. They have the resources and commitment to perennial top 25 program, but probably not year.

Will Go 9-3 (6-2) if:
Whoever plays QB can quickly come along. It looks like it will be Jawon Pass, and the sophomore will jump right into the fire against Alabama in game 1. If he survives Alabama mentally and physically, the schedule opens up after that with games Indiana State and Western Kentucky.

Virginia on the road is winnable, and the Cards have no fear of Florida State next. Georgia Tech is a team in transition. The Cards could start the year 5-1.

The defense was inconsistent at best last year, and Brian VanGorder was brought in to fix things. If he can just turn the Cards into a top 50 defense, Louisville could surprise in the Atlantic Division. Only Alabama and at Clemson look like sure losses. Louisville isn’t equipped to run the table in the other 10 games, but they are all winnable. 9-1 in the other 10 games is not completly out of the question if the QB play doesn’t suffer a huge drop off and the Defense can show some improvement. WR Jaylen Smith is one of the ACC’s top paymakers.

Will Go 6-6 (3-5) if:
The QB position becomes a liability. Even if improvements are made on defense, that side of the ball can’t carry the team. Barring a miracle, Alabama and Clemson are 2 losses. NC State and FSU are at Louisville, but both can beat the Cards. At Boston College will be no picnic either. Every ACC Atlantic has the capability of reaching a bowl game, and that could make upward mobility in the division difficult for the Cardinals.

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