After ugly lose to Syracuse, FSU's Willie Taggart looks in over his head -

After ugly lose to Syracuse, FSU's Willie Taggart looks in over his head

by Jfann

Posted: 9/15/2018 7:30:35 PM

Florida State was a bad football team last year. They went 7-6 by the skin of their teeth. Jimbo Fisher left a total mess for new head coach Willie Taggart, but come on after a 30-7 loss at Syracuse, the Noles should not be this bad.

They were whooped at home by Virginia Tech to open the season. They should have lost to Samford, and today Syracuse didn’t look like a little bit better team the Noles, they looked better in every phase of the game, better coached , and better at most positions on the field.

Could Florida State have really missed out on so many players the last few years even though they perennially recruited top 15 classes? Some of them for sure, but Willie Taggart looks in over head to be honest.

I’m not suggesting he may not be able to figure things out eventually. No coach should be written off 3 games into their tenure, but the early returns are a cause for concern for Nole fans.

The offensive line is disaster, and the team looks lifeless. What struck me during Samford game was the complete lack emotion displayed by the Seminoles until very late in the game. Today may have been even worse. The Noles had 240 yards of total offense and just 62 on the ground with a back like Cam Akers. Let’s just say Syracuse isn’t bringing Clemson or Alabama like talent to that side of the ball either.

That said – credit to Syracuse for going 3-0 and easily handling this terrible Florida State team.

It certainly doesn’t seem like FSU is totally buying into what Taggart is trying to do, and the problems seem to run deep. Right now I’m drawing a blank to find positives in anything Florida State is doing. They certainly look every bit like a team headed to a 3-5 win season.

Taggart is going to get a pass this year, but Nole fans won’t have much patience. Taggart better show some incremental improvement as the season progresses, because Florida State is too good a program for Taggart to get on the job the training.

It’s been a disastrous start him at Florida State.

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