How to Get started with Football Betting in Australia (2022) -

How to Get started with Football Betting in Australia (2022)

by WebMaster

Posted: 6/14/2022 1:51:30 AM

The sports betting market is massive and has been expanding in Australia. Football betting happens to be growing with it. It is one of Aussies' favourite pastime activities. Unlike other gambling games, football betting can be straightforward. 

You can easily place a bet with a few clicks on your phone or personal computer. But without proper research, you can risk losing your money. This article will discuss how you can easily get started with Football betting in Australia. 

Research The Betting Agency 

There are thousands of football betting agencies or Bookies in Australia. Some are registered here and others overseas but offer their services to Australians. Without properly researching a bookie, you might deposit your wager in a scam company and lose your money. 

There are many sites on the Internet that check casinos: payment speed, licenses, payment methods.

For example BetPokies has been operating since 2018 and all this time they collect real reviews about newly opened casinos for Aussie players.


The first step of researching a bookmaker is to check if they're licenced. Licenced bookies display their certificates on their websites for customers to see. In Australia, football betting agencies are licenced by the Federal government and every state and territory individually. 

You can check if the bookmaker you choose is fully licenced to operate in Australia by visiting on Australia Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) website. 

Some gamblers choose betting companies registered outside Australia. They normally do this to access live football betting since Aussie registered companies are banned from offering that service by ACMA, the federal regulator of online gambling. To verify the authenticity of their licences before you start using them. 

Another way of researching if a football betting site is legit is to read their reviews and ask other gamblers. You find honest opinions from people who will guide you properly. 

Learn How It Works 

Before you start playing football betting games, you will need to learn how it works. The first step will be to learn the slang and terminology associated with betting. Learning this helps in placing the right bets, talking to other gamblers, or reading betting materials. 

Some of the terms associated with Football betting are:

  • Single bets

  • Multi bets

  • Draw no bet

  • Asian Handicap 

  • European Handicap

  • Over/under bets

  • Odd/even bets

  • Bankroll

  • Head to head bets

  •  Double chance bets

  • Etc. 


After learning the terminology, the next thing you need to learn is how odds work. Reading odds can be challenging, you need to be careful. In Australian football betting, the decimal point system is used. The decimal represents the amount you'll win for every AUD 1 stake you make. If you choose an odd of 1.50 and bet $1, your winnings will be $0.50. 


If you are using a betting exchange registered outside Australia, the odds might be different. For example, bookies registered in the United Kingdom, use fraction odds. As a rule of thumb, always go with Football betting bookies that use an odds system you are comfortable with and understand well. 

Get A Fair Amount Of Money 

Know that you learned everything about football betting, you need a bankroll. Bankroll is the total amount you are going to deposit in your betting wallet. 

Since the profit margin of football betting can be slim and there is a risk of losing money, we suggest you start with a fair amount. Also, don't stake all your money in a single match. Spread in different bets to increase the chances of winning. 

Study The Teams Before Betting 

If you want to increase your odds of winning, take extra time to study the teams you want to bet on or against. Look at their lineup, history, stats, and everything in between. Do not just start betting and hope you'll, such a strategy will cost you. You can centre your research around listening to football pundits and discussing possible outcomes with like-minded friends.

Expert Tips For Beginners 

Before you start football betting, here are some tips from experts: 

  • Choose a platform with great bonuses: some betting sites will offer new members bonuses, free bets, and enticing odds.

  • Security: Make sure the site you choose is secured so that your data and money aren't compromised.

  • Read the T&C: carefully read the terms of conditions before using any football betting site. Bookies registered in some countries can tax both your stake and winnings. 

  •  Don't be loyal: If you want to win, you might sometimes have to bet against your team. Who will you bet for if Australia is facing England or Brazil in the world cup? 


Football betting is a fun activity but risky, you should approach it with the right mindset. Always be sceptical and do proper research before getting started. Bet carefully, football betting can be addictive. 

Follow the steps we have outlined above and happy betting.

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