Digital Chalkboard: Duke Set Out of a Timeout -

Digital Chalkboard: Duke Set Out of a Timeout

by The Mikan Drill

Posted: 11/22/2011 6:34:42 AM

Duke scored several times out of timeouts in their win against Tennessee, many of the plays being ran for Ryan Kelly, who finished the game with 17 points. This play is probably the best of them, as it used Andre Dawkins as a decoy to get Kelly open for a three point shot.

The initial action is a staggered screen set by Miles Plumlee and Kelly for Dawkins. While Seth Curry would feed the ball to Dawkins if he was open, the spacing between Curry and Dawkins coming off the screen shows that Curry is not looking for Dawkins, as he is too close to him to make the pass as he comes off the screen. Also, Duke has to assume Tennessee is going to hedge on the screen, which sets up the more favorable option.

Dwight Miller shows on the screen set by Kelly to take away the curl by Dawkins. With Miller floating away from Kelly, Plumlee sets a fade screen for Kelly to move away from Miller toward the wing. Miller slid several steps to defend Dawkins and will have trouble recovering to Kelly.

Plumlee does not screen Miller, although he does force Miller to go around him, but he does not have to do a great job of setting the screen since Miller committed so strongly to defending Dawkins. This meant Miller was not able to close out on Kelly in time and Kelly is able to knock down the open shot.

Coming out of a timeout, Duke had the perfect play call to get Kelly the open shot. By running Dawkins off a staggered screen initially, they forced the defense to shift to take away this action but the primary read was for Kelly using the fade screen. Tennessee overcommitted to defending the staggered screen which gave Kelly space to shoot.


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