Chris Singleton Drafted by the Wizards -

Chris Singleton Drafted by the Wizards

by Plant The Spear

Posted: 6/24/2011 4:58:21 AM

Chris Singleton Drafted by the Wizards

Tonight FSU's Chris Singleton saw his dream realized when the Washington Wizards selected him with the #18 overall pick of the 2011 NBA Draft.

One of the top shutdown defenders in this draft, Chris Singleton is a guy that can step in immediately and help a team defensively.

Singleton is a two-time All-ACC and two-time ACC Defensive team selection helped lead the Seminole to three consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances.


Chris Singleton is known as one of the best defenders in this draft class, but his offensive efficiency of .86 PPP leaves a lot to be desired, as it ranks 2nd worst in this group after Chris Wright.

Singleton's mediocre ball-handling skills seem to be the main culprit here. He turns the ball over at a fairly high rate, (14.2% of possessions), which ranks him 6th in this group.

He gets out in transition more than any prospect at 3 possessions per game, but ranks dead last in scoring efficiency in this category, at a dreadful .905 PPP.

Singelton would be well served cutting out the 1.5 pull-up jumpers he shoots every game at the next level, as he only makes 29% of these attempts.

In catch and shoot situations he's far more effective, making 43% of his attempts at 1.28 points per shot, the 4th best in this group.


Strengths: A small forward with terrific size and length for the position … He is an explosive leaper and has next level athleticism … A very good player in transition, he runs the floor extremely hard and is able to finish plays above the rim in open lane situations … His upper body is well built, and he has the strength to move defenders on drives to the basket … Has developed into a formidable catch and shoot threat … With his feet set he can shoot the ball with range and fairly consistently knock down jumpers from deep … Shows the ability to make shots from the NBA three point line … His biggest impact is on the defensive end, where his size, length, athleticism and terrific instincts make him a lockdown defender … He possesses all the tools to be able to translate his defense to the NBA level … Can guard multiple positions … His ability to anticipate and jump into passing lanes combined with shotblocking, make him a very rare threat on the defensive side of the ball … He is a blue-collar player and is capable of impacting the game without needing the ball in his hands or getting plays called for him … A solid rebounder, he is especially good on the O glass, where he uses his length and athleticism to get to rebounds …

Weaknesses: Not a natural wing player, he is not very smooth with the ball and does not have the ballhandling skills which would allow him to create his shot with consistency … Not a great scorer, lacks the feel and touch around the basket and depends too much on his physical prowess to get him thorough situations… Has the size and length to score with his back to the basket, but his poor footwork and bodycontrol make it hard for him to get good shots off inside … Still a very streaky shooter, especially on the move or off the dribble … He tends to shoot without squaring his body, his stroke is not the most natural, and his release comes too far off his head … His legs are fairly skinny but he is top heavy, which makes his movements awkward but it also gives him poor balance … Improved on his free throw percentage, but it’s still not where it needs to be …

Note: Singleton fractured his foot on Feb. 12 and had surgery shortly after. It will be interesting to see when he is able to return and if he will be effective enough to keep his stock high enough to remain in the 2011 draft.


PlantTheSpear wishes Chris Singleton the best of luck as we add him to the list of Noles in the Pros. We, of course, will keep up with his promising NBA career.

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