Five things I like about the 2019 ACC football schedule -

Five things I like about the 2019 ACC football schedule

by Jfann

Posted: 1/24/2019 8:30:43 AM

The 2019 ACC Football schedule was released a few days ago, and I’ve had a chance to look it over. Let me tell you 5 things I like about the scedule.

1) ACC Conference games to open the season and launch ACC Network.

We already knew Georgia Tech at Clemson would launch the ACC Network on August 29. There are other conference games that look likely to be on the network Virginia Tech at Boston College and Virginia at Pittsburgh. This generates interest in the Network right away, and it pretty covers the ACC’s entire footprint.

2) Notre Dame at Louisville on 9/2/19

The ACC is so locked into Labor Day Night, that we’ve become used to Labor Day Night as ACC Night. This is an exclusive TV window for the conference, and this year it’s Notre Dame at Louisville. This is a showcase game for Cardinal’s and a chance for Louisville to make a national splash post Bobby Petrino.

3) Bye Weeks before SEC Rivalry Games

This SEC has been doing this years. They would have a BYE or lower division opponents prior to their ACC/SEC rivlary week. This year Clemson and Florida State have BYE weeks before their games with South Carolina and Florida. Georgia Tech plays a Thursday night game, but gets a Saturday off to rest and prepare for Georgia. Do this year each year ACC… If not a BYE then, a lower division opponent.

4) Double Byes

I know it’s a quirk of the calendar, but I wouldn’t mind seeing this each year. Two Bye weeks gives teams a chance to recover and rest, and I’m in favor of that for student athletes.

5) Byes before Notre Dame

3 ACC teams will get Byes before playing Notre Dame. I really like this. Notre Dame isn’t a member of the ACC in football, so to me they shouldn’t be afforded any breaks from ACC scheduling. The break should go to the ACC team. The Irish play 5 ACC teams, 3 BYES, 1 opens the season the Irish and one plays Old Dominion. The ACC should continue to do this when possible.

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