Conference games only, with no season tickets could be future -

Conference games only, with no season tickets could be future

by Jfann

Posted: 7/10/2020 10:15:16 AM

As the covid-19 situation in the United States continues to deteriorate, fall sports is coming into focus. It doesn’t look good either.

If the Big Ten moves to a 10 game conference-only schedule, then you can expect the rest of Power 5 will largely fall in line. The Big Ten dropping out out will have scheduling ramifications across the country. If I’m the ACC and SEC, I quickly move to a 9 game schedule and season ending games with with each other.

Schools like Miami, Wake Forest, UNC, Duke, NC State, Virginia Tech, and Virginia can schedule another SEC school which are as close to them as many ACC opponents.

For the Northeastern schools like BC, Syracuse, and Pittsburgh, BC can play Pitt and Syracuse can schedule Notre Dame who loses a game with Wisconsin.

I wouldn’t surprised if more NFL and College Teams go this route. Many places are only selling season tickets, and not general admission, but this is another possibility. Even though we’ve known for quite awhile stadiums wouldn’t be full, this all but assures 50% capacity is the most we will see.

To be honest I doubt we see that or any fans, if sports at all.

Oh the Ivy league cancelled their fall sports, and they won’t be the last.

The news just keeps getting worse, because we can’t be bothered to take any personal responsibility to protect ourselves or each other.

It’s just incredibly disappointing situation, because we didn’t need to be here.

Maybe we’ll have to start blogging about New Zealand Rugby or Korean baseball.


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