ACC Basketball Power Rankings with NCAA Analysis 2/13/2020 -

ACC Basketball Power Rankings with NCAA Analysis 2/13/2020

by Jfann

Posted: 2/14/2020 6:27:49 AM

This where I see each ACC teams’ NCAA Chances. On Sundays we post Bracket Projections from several sports sites.

For Current RPI Rankings and Quadrant Wins

1. Duke (21-3, 11-2) Projected NCAA Seed 2

That’s 6 wins a row for Duke.

2. Florida State (20-4, 10-3) Projected NCAA Seed 3

Florida State’s only losses since December are at Virginia and at Duke.

3. Louisville (21-4, 12-2) Projected NCAA Seed 3

Louisville might still be leading the ACC, but you lose to Georgia Tech like Louisville did and you are dropping in these power rankings period.

4. Virginia (16-7, 8-5) Projected NCAA Seed 8

Virginia is trending upward. I really like their chances to make the NCAAs when all is said and done.

NCAA Cut Line

5. North Carolina State (16-8, 7-6) 

The Wolfpack are inching back towards the bubble, but don’t lose at Boston College.

6. Notre Dame (15-9, 6-7)

Don’t count Notre Dame out of the NCAA chase just yet, but if they could have gotten that win at Virginia in OT…

7. Syracuse (14-10, 7-6) 

Syracuse picked a bad time to lose 3 of their last 4. With games at FSU and Louisville, I think the Orange’s NCAA time is up.

8. Clemson (12-12, 6-8)

The Tigers are a tough out at home, and get a Louisville team not playing their best basketball Saturday.

9. Georgia Tech (12-13, 6-8)

Georgia Tech pulled off a stunning home win against Louisville. Look at their schedule, and tell me they can’t go 4-2, or 5-1.

10. Pittsburgh (15-10, 6-8) 

Losing at home to Clemson has Pittsburgh playing for the NIT now.

11. Boston College (12-13, 6-8)

Boston College can spoil NC State’s NCAA hopes on Saturday,

12. Virginia Tech (14-10, 5-8) 

The Hokies have the longest losing streak in the ACC at 5 games.

13. Miami (12-12, 4-10)

Remember when Miami was 9-3 with a win at Illinois? That was a long time ago.

14. Wake Forest (11-13, 4-10)

Wake Forest says at least we’re not UNC.

15. North Carolina (10-14, 3-10)

UNC was had some injuries, but who hasn’t? This is the worst coaching job Roy Willams has ever done.


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