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With Packer and Durham ending, what could be next?

by Jfann

Posted: 6/30/2022 9:48:44 AM

ACC Fans everywhere were disappointed to hear the news that the Packer and Durham show will have its last episode on July 1.

Below is the announcement.

Back in 2018 when their radio partnership was formed, we said they’d be a great team. They were.

When they were announced as one of the ACC Network’s first shows, we were thrilled. 

They defended and promoted the ACC every weekday morning, and we took note of and respected them for it. 

My personal knowledge of the Olympic Sports in the ACC grew as a result of the work of Packer and Durham. They made each guest from lacrosse player to star QB equally valued by the viewer, and you could sense that these Olympic Sports athletes and coaches appreciated the promotion of their sports. Something that just wasn’t there in the past.

Their anecdotes and references to athletic figures and events from the ACC’s past provided context to the ACC’s rich history.

The Packer and Durham show was the right show at the right time for the ACC.

The good news is it appears Mark Packer and Wes Durham will still have substantial roles on the ACC Network. If I were guessing I think Packer will likely continue with the show while Durham’s role as a play-by-play announcer and media personality will increase.

If that is the case, Mark Packer needs someone with ACC Ties. Eric Maclain would be interesting, but I don’t think they’d put 2 Clemson people together. Same with rising media personality Kelly Gramlich. She’s done radio for Clemson, but that’s two Clemson folks again. Anish Schroff is now Charlotte-based, and a Syracuse alum is a name I’d keep an eye on.

How about the outspoken, but entertaining former Florida State QB Danny Kannell?

Other ACC-centric radio personalities like Lauren Brownlow or Chris Spatola might be possibilities out there too.

In any event, the Packer and Durham show will be missed.

Now, what am I going to listen to on the way into work?

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