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Why basketball? All the specifics of this spectacular craft

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Posted: 2/3/2023 12:38:05 AM

Basketball is always a top pick among people in sports. Despite its relatively young age, this game has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world, a game that has no analogs in the modern world. For almost a century and a half of history, this sport has remained practically unchanged. It has become overgrown with myths. Basketball has undergone many changes, set many records, and presented the world with thousands of basketball stars. The NBA has become a trendsetter in world basketball. Its best players are legends.

NBA matches always attract the attention of all fans, from fans to experts. NBA All-Star Matches are held every year, where the strongest players from the Eastern and Western Conferences participate. Fans buy out all the basketball tickets NBA has to offer long before the due date. And it can easily be done when you go to koobit.com and get your tickets for the next spectacular game!

Basketball roles and positions

When the stars compete with each other and with full commitment, strength, and determination, it will touch the audience to the core. Basketball produces more exciting and brighter moments from year to year. In modern basketball, the following positions are distinguished - attacking defender, point guard, light and heavy forwards, as well as center forward. One of the main players on the court is the playing defender, or as he is called, the "playmaker." And it's great to watch positional draws and stars who will play in these positions.

After all, every player is universal and individualistic in their own way. It is essential to understand that the better the player's individual possession of the ball, the better the result can be. Starting with passes and ending with short-range shots, especially long-range shots such as 3-pointers. A great understanding of the structure and patterns of the game gives you an advantage over your opponent.

Also, versatile players are extremely valued. They are those who can play in one or more positions, those who understand when, what, where, and how to do it so that it will bring benefits on the floor. It is also important to understand and follow the zonal or personal types of protection, which differ from one another. Zone protection is the guardianship of any opponent, and personal protection is valid only when the guardianship of this player is in effect.

Fighting under the shield plays a small role in basketball. There is even a basketball commandment, "Who wins the shield - wins the match." One of the main indicators of a basketball player's game is the number of rebounds and blocked shots.

Why can’t fans always wait for the NBA season?

Therefore, everyone eagerly waits for the matches to watch their favorite teams or their idol in person or on TV. A modern and complex game that gives hope to its fans for a spectacular game. Self-sacrifice shows that nothing is real. There is no major effort and patience. Adrenaline is also given to fans, which is enough for them in the stands. There is even a popular slogan among them, “Rejoice when the team doesn’t move and win.” This is how they share the bitterness of defeats, understand them, and return again and again to the stands.

NBA Playoffs

After the end of the NBA championship, the top 8 teams from each conference enter a series of games in the playoffs. This is a best-of-four elimination series. In the finals, the winners of the Eastern and Western Conferences meet and determine the NBA champion.

The NBA playoffs are an elimination tournament. During the tournament, teams play a series of matches up to four wins. The team that took a higher place in the championship has an advantage - it plays one more game at home. The first, second, and, if necessary, the fifth and seventh games are held at the court of this team, and the rest are at the arena of the team that took the lowest place in the regular season.

NBA awards, All-Star, and Draft

In its baggage, the National Basketball Association has 12 awards given to teams and players for their achievements. The highest award in the NBA championship is the Larry O'Brien Cup. In addition to various cups and titles, symbolic national teams are selected every year - the all-star team, the defensive all-star team, and the rookie team. The composition of the national teams is determined by voting.

The NBA All-Star Game is held in February. This match features players chosen by fans through voting.

Every year in June, a draft is held, where association teams can replenish their ranks with new players. Any player who has reached the age of 19 can take part in the draft. Since 1985, the association has started holding a draft lottery, which determines the sequence of team selection. The lottery picks the clubs that will first select new players in the draft. First of all, it depends on the results of the club's last season. The teams that took the last places in the championship will be the first to select players from among the rookies. Clubs have the right to trade draft picks. They can exchange positions in the queue or exchange players.

Last but not the least

Over the decades, National Basketball Association has drawn a lot of attention to their sports. It has become popular not only among people wanting to play it and be a part of it but also among fans that rush to each and every game. Every season people get in lines at pay offices or go online to book their chance to become a participant in something big.

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