Player Info for John Gilchrist

John Gilchrist

Team Maryland
Year JR
Home Town 

11/22/2003 vs American Univ2024110011-80-30-0
11/25/2003 vs George Mason30114143125-111-30-1
11/29/2003 vs Hofstra29186145016-111-35-8
12/02/2003 vs Wisconsin41129071015-110-22-2
12/06/2003 vs Gonzaga34113363035-141-30-0
12/07/2003 vs West Virginia44157132086-101-42-3
12/10/2003 @ Florida30184141147-122-32-2
12/14/2003 vs Pepperdine282473510310-183-41-2
12/23/2003 vs UNC Greensboro2998021213-70-13-4
01/03/2004 vs Mount St Marys28166260035-73-33-4
01/06/2004 vs MD-Eastern Shore29131150124-102-33-5
03/12/2004 @ Wake Forest26166150135-84-42-4
03/13/2004 @ NC State363071440111-135-73-3
03/14/2004 @ Duke432665720210-200-36-8
03/18/2004 vs Texas-El Paso38185472027-141-33-7
03/20/2004 vs Syracuse3376020033-81-40-0


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