The ACC POTY is down to a 3 player race -

The ACC POTY is down to a 3 player race

by Jfann

Posted: 10/29/2021 6:02:48 AM

Entering the season, QB Sam Howell of North Carolina was the favorite to win the ACC POTY.   Howell has been good, but he’s been surpassed by players who are having better seasons on better teams.

Pitt’s Kenny Pickett and Virginia’s Brennan Armstrong are running neck and neck, but there’s a third contender that we can’t forget about – Sam Hartman of Wake Forest.


1 Armstrong,Brennan (Virginia) 8 239 372 6 64.2 3220 23 77 402.5 154.1
2 Pickett, Kenny (Pitt) 7 168 244 1 68.9 2236 23 55 319.4 176.1
3 Hartman,Sam (Wake Forest) 8 162 253 4 64.0 2397 21 75 299.6 167.8

Well there you go…

Brennan Armstrong has the most yards, and most yards per game. His team is 6-2, but has a loss to fellow contender to Sam Hartman and Wake Forest.

Kenny Pickett has a higher completion rate, and a higher efficiency rating. His team in 6-1, and Pitt is the highest scoring team in the ACC.

Here comes Sam Hartman of Wake Forest, who has to be in the picture. While he trails slightly in most of the of the statistical categories, he does have the only undefeated team on the bunch. He’s also 1-0 against the other contenders.

This one is going to come down to the wire.

At the moment, Brennan Armstrong is putting up video game numbers, but his efficiency numbers actually land him 4th in the ACC behind Pickett, Hartman, and Sam Howell.

This is splitting hairs though between Pickett and Armstrong. Fortunately, Pitt and Virginia play later this year and for me that will be game that separates them.

Hartman is right there waiting for either to show even the slight sign of slipping.

My darkhorse is Syracuse RB Sean Tucker who already has over 1000 yards rushing, and leads the ACC in yards per game rushing as well. Tucker needs help, but can’t be counted out.


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