Sports Betting Legalized in the United States and Increasing in Demand -

Sports Betting Legalized in the United States and Increasing in Demand

by WebMaster

Posted: 11/29/2022 12:01:09 AM

There are countless sports betting fans throughout the United States and thanks to the growth of the Internet, this demographic is larger than ever before. This is why it is a bit ironic that wagering on an upcoming match was not considered legal by the majority of states until recently.

In 2018, the United States Supreme Court reversed an anti-wagering law that had been in place for decades. This paved the way for enthusiasts to once again place bets that would have otherwise been considered illegal since as far back as 1992. It is also important to note that collegiate-level sports were likewise included in this new legislation.

While there is no doubt that online wagering is increasing in demand, there are still some potential hurdles to overcome. Let's first examine a handful of reasons behind such growing popularity before moving on to analyse why nationwide gambling has been so difficult to enact.

Online Sports Betting: A Modern Hobby for Modern Times

There are several reasons why the sheer number of online bookmakers has skyrocketed in recent years. One involves the simple fact that more consumers have access to the Internet than any before; particularly when referring to smartphones. In other words, they are more likely to access digital wagering sites with the click of a button.

The bookmakers themselves have not failed to capitalise upon such lucrative opportunities. These often come in the form of rewards and similar lucrative bonuses (the attractive nature of the ongoing Pointsbet promo is a prime example). Website owners realise that competition is rife and therefore, it is important to attract as large of a customer base as possible. While this strategy certainly makes sense from a marketing perspective, it also benefits the wagering enthusiasts themselves.

They can compare and contrast different offers as well as the unique rewards associated with each. Assuming that they find the appropriate provider, the registration process only takes a matter of minutes. On a final note, digital bookmakers now offer an access to a host of different sports. From football and basketball to hockey and horse racing, options abound.

The Issue of States' Rights

So, why is sports betting still not legal throughout the United States? The main reason involves a concept that can be traced back for centuries known as States' Rights. This essentially involves a clear separation between federal law and state mandates (a form of decentralisation to a degree). So, some states have already chosen to legalise online gambling while others such as California are now only beginning to file new legislation in favour of the sports betting community.

While some states are slower than others to fully legalise online sports betting and gambling in general, it is clear that consumers fully understand the many options at their disposal. As a growing number of citizens lobby for the legalisation of online wagering, it appears to be only a matter of time before all states bend to their will and open up such a massive digital community.

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