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Ranking the Power 5 Football Conferences after Week 4 with Playoff Analysis

by Jfann

Posted: 9/25/2017 8:00:54 AM

While the playoff committee doesn’t rank the power 5 conference, there is no way conference strength – which means OOC results doesn’t figure in to a committee members thought process.

Let me point out on my philosophy on these rankings – your most recent  OOC results count a lot, and you’ll see me reference that throughout the season.

We’ll give each conference a relative strength value 1-10.

Let me explain my relative rankings

0-5 : Conference lacks depth no elite teams

6-7: Conference lacks depth, and there are 1-2 elite teams, and 1-2 quality teams

7-8: At least 2 elite teams, and at least 2 quality teams.

8-9: 3 elite teams, and at least 2 quality teams

9-10: 1/2 of conference is elite and/or quality teams.

1) Pac 12 – 7.6

Another week in which no conference distinguished itself as the top one. I’m leaving the Pac 12 here by default, as they still have the most top 20 teams along with the Big 10, but they are deeper, and they are the only conference with 2 top 6 teams. Oregon losing to an Arizona State team with a couple of OOC losses hurt the Pac 12, and their grip on the top continues to shrink.

There’s a huge game next week with playoff implications when USC and Washington State play.

Playoff Contenders

USC, Washington

In the Playoff Picture

Utah, Washington State

2) SEC – 7.5

The SEC is a two horse league. Alabama is well Alabama, and Georgia is quietly looking like a fringe playoff team. SEC teams Tennessee and South Carolina struggled with the likes UMass and Louisiana Tech. LSU didn’t play well at home against Syracuse, but all were wins so I can’t drop the SEC.

Next week Georgia plays at Tennessee and there are a couple of storylines here. Butch Jones trying to save his job, and Georgia trying to get real playoff attention.

Playoff Contenders 


In the Playoff Picture


3) ACC – 7.4

I don’t drop the ACC from third in this list, but they lose a couple of tenth’s of a point. Here’s why NC State beating FSU is a bad look for the ACC. The Wolfpack have a loss to a middling South Carolina team and they just took out a ranked FSU team. That South Carolina loss is a major eyesore, ala the South Carolina loss to the ACC Coastal Champs UNC of 2015.

Next week Clemson vs Virginia Tech is a game with huge playoff implications. Duke vs Miami is also a battle of undefeated teams.

Playoff Contenders


In the Playoff Picture

Miami, Virginia Tech

4) Big 10 – 7.3

The Big 10 is the most top heavy league in college football. Michigan State looked dreadful in a loss to Notre Dame. Maryland was trounced by group of 5 member Central Florida. Penn State survived Iowa, and Wisconsin and Michigan remained undefeated.

There really isn’t any games of note next week in the Big 10.

Playoff Contenders  


In the Playoff Picture

Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan

5) Big 12 – 7.2

TCU knocked Oklahoma State out of the playoff chase for the moment. The Horned Frogs are a very dangerous team that should be in everybody’s top 10.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech next could finish off the Cowboys playoffs hopes.

Playoff Contenders


In the Playoff Picture


The Rest 

Unless a Group of 5 or independent team can reach the top 15, there’s not much to note outside the Power 5 in terms of the playoff.

Playoff Contenders 


In the Playoff Picture


My Current Playoff Teams

As my personal criticism of the playoff committee, I don’t think the top 4 seeds order should be released until the final rankings. The playoff committee’s inconsistent and ever changing criteria is causing unnecessary frustration and confusion. It’s one of the improvement points I’d have for them.

If I had a vote this is who I would put in the playoff right now.

In –   Oklahoma | Alabama | Clemson | USC

Just Missed – 5) Washington  6) Penn State 7) TCU 8) Michigan

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