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Ranking the 5 best Wide Receivers in the ACC for 2019

by Jfann

Posted: 6/24/2019 1:00:02 PM

Well here we go. It’s time to start ranking the best players in the ACC for the 2019 season. As usual we hope you enjoy the rankings.

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1) Justyn Ross, Clemson

Clemson’s wealth of offensive riches moves from QB, RB, to the Wide Receivers. Justyn Ross had a 1,000 yard reception season on just 46 receptions. He helped light up the Alabama secondary with an array of acrobatic catches. Here’s the bad news for the rest of the ACC. Ross is just a sophomore.

2) Tee Higgins, Clemson

If Justyn Ross doesn’t get you, then Tee Higgins will. They form the best of pair of wide receivers in college football. He is Clemson’s leading returning receiver with 59 catches and 12 TDs. The 6’4 junior receiver is considered a 1st or 2nd round NFL pick.

3) Damon Hazelton, Virginia Tech

Damon Hazelton may have been on his way to 1,000 yard+ receiving season before some late season injuries. He still was a 2nd team All-ACC pick that had 51 receptions for over 800 yards. Give Hazelton a fully healthy season, and watch him have a 65 catch, 1000 yard season with over 10 TDs.

4) Tamorrion Terry, Florida State

If FSU can get any kind of improved offensive line play, the offense could be pretty good. There’s is good skill position talent. We mentioned Cam Akers in our RB rankings, and now FSU Tamorrion Terry makes our WR list. Last year he had 35 receptions fro 744 yards. That led to an eye popping 21.3 yards per reception. He’s a dynamic play-maker and one to watch for the Noles.

5) Dez Fitzpatrick, Louisville

Dez Fitzpatrick is a talented WR that was on a very bad team. He’s complied 76 receptions, and over 1100 yards receiving in his first two years for the Cardinals. He was named a breakout star prior to the 2018 season by Kirk Herbstreit. With a change at head coach, Fitzpatrick can reach the potential he flashed in his freshman season 2 years ago.

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