NBA Play-offs: The hot phase is decided -

NBA Play-offs: The hot phase is decided

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Posted: 6/18/2022 4:32:29 AM

There is no other basketball league as big as the NBA. This is where the best basketball players in the world meet. A total of 16 teams are now playing against each other in the NBA playoffs. With this elite, betting at is of course really fun. Here, the eight playoff participants of each conference play in a knockout system for participation in the finals. The game is played in a best-of-seven mode. The team that wins four games first qualifies. In round two of the playoffs, only four teams from each conference will play. The two teams from the conference finals then compete in the NBA Finals. In addition to the NBA title, the winner also wins the coveted Larry O'Brien Championship trophy. The Warriors have now secured the title in their sixth game, thanks to an outstanding Steph Curry.

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The hot phase

With a great performance, Andrew Wiggins has brought the Golden State Warriors one step closer to the Championship. It looks like the Canadian has finally found his place in the Bay Area.

Dirk Nowitzki's mentor and coach, Holger Geschwindner, has repeatedly compared the game of basketball to jazz. The background to this comparison is that the game itself also has a certain rhythm and all the players, just like the instruments in jazz, have to be perfectly attuned to each other. Only then do correspondingly good results follow.

Under this aspect, one should take a closer look at Andrew Wiggins. Although he has been playing in the NBA since 2014, he has only now managed to find his place in the NBA. Warriors coach Steve Kerr was extremely enthusiastic after the 104-94 win in Game 5.

In the jazz band comparison, Stephen Curry is the saxophone because he is the living element. Draymond Green is credited with the slightly harder double bass here, and Wiggins sort of stands in for the drums and is thus considered the engine of the band. Behind Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins was the second best Warrior in the NBA Finals, even being the outstanding man in Game 5.

Andrew Wiggins the Warriors star

In Game 5, such a star was also badly needed, especially because Curry, who had been clearly dominant so far, presented his worst shooting performance in his playoff career here. Probably no one would have expected Golden State to manage to win anyway. Likewise, it was certainly expected that Andrew Wiggins, of all people, would save this game so brilliantly with 26 points and 13 rebounds.

This is ultimately the same Wiggins who fell far short of expectations as a top pick in Minnesota. He never made the leap to franchise stardom, though he was paid as such. A man who basically has all the assets, but only shows them occasionally. Not infrequently, he plays so inconspicuously that some have wondered after the game whether Wiggins was playing at all.

But in Game 5 everything suddenly changed, because here the Canadian clearly stood out. He played almost 43 minutes and on top of that he defended the best opponent, Jayson Tatum, and overall showed an excellent game. Midway through the second quarter he drew an And-1, hit a fadeaway, hit a putback and scored after a smart cut. Here, Wiggins clearly stepped up as a scorer. He relieved Curry in many phases. Here he showed his existing assets and played the playoffs at the All-Star level.

The Celtics and the Warriors' bounce-back season

For the first time since 2010, Boston hosted a Finals game in the NBA. The Celtics immediately took advantage of that. Here, they immediately took advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of the crowd and managed a clear victory over the Golden State Warrios. The team overcame the same problem as in games one and two.

Now the Boston Celtics with the national basketball player Daniel Theis, have taken the lead again in the final series for the NBA title. Strongly cheered by the majority of the more than 19,000 fans, the traditional team was able to prevail against the Golden State Warriors at the TC Garden. Now only two more wins are needed to realize the 18th title in their own history. If they succeed, the Celtics would once again be the sole record champions in the world's best basketball league, ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Celtics allowed themselves extended periods of weakness in the first two games and were then behind again despite an 18-point lead. But the gap narrowed within seconds because Stephen Curry was fouled on a successful three-pointer. Due to the nature of the foul, they got two additional free throws and were able to reduce the deficit from nine points to four. At this point, it looked like the game was going to tip in the Warriors' favor. However, the Celtics managed to take a four-point lead as a result.

However, the Warriors were still unable to capitalize on the momentum they gained from their emphatic win in the second game. Thus, the team is under pressure after the loss to start the final series.

Although Curry again performed very well in the third quarter, scoring 31 points, he had to take a beating physically. At times, the player was seen limping on the court. The reason for this was that Celtics pro Al Horford landed on his left leg in a scramble with several players for the ball. As a result, Curry lay on the arena floor for some time. Unlike the first two Finals meetings, Tehis did not appear in the game. Ime Udoka, the coach of Celtic, sent only eight different professionals into the hall until shortly before the end. In the process, he also dispensed with the player from Lower Saxony. After Dirk Nowitzki, however, he could become the second German to win a title in the NBA.

In the sixth game of the playoff finals, the Warriors were again convincing and beat the Celtics 103:90 which led to the NBA trophy. The new champions Golden State are now rightly at the top and can celebrate as the best American basketball team.

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