Five ACC matchups we better see if we go to conference only games. -

Five ACC matchups we better see if we go to conference only games.

by Jfann

Posted: 7/10/2020 10:45:16 AM

As we said yesterday, once the Big 10 goes to conference games the rest of the conferences would follow. That’s exactly what seem to happened with the ACC.

Should the ACC finalize the conference games, it needs be done as regionally as possible. We should forget FSU at Syracuse for example. Floridians are restricted from New York for the forseeable future anyways.

Here’s the five games, the ACC must include. We won’t repeat teams here.

Georgia Tech vs Florida State 

5 Hours apart, and Florida State’s closet conference opponent. This is a game that is the most obvious one that needs to added. It’s a natural rivalry as well.

Boston College vs Pittsburgh

An old time Big East rivalry that is not on the schedule for this year. This one is also an easy choice. The BC O-Line vs the Pitt D-Line is a sneaky fun matchup.

Clemson vs North Carolina

Can we have top two QBs in the ACC face off again, in a repeat of last year’s thriller? Just four hours apart, this is a bus ride.

Wake Forest vs Virginia Tech

These schools are only two hours apart, and these offenses would light up the scoreboard.

Notre Dame vs Syracuse

There are some regional ties here going back to the days the Irish were in the Big East for most of their sports other than football. The travel keeps both teams out of the current Covid-19 hotbed of the South.


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