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Why are Quarterbacks popular?

by WebMaster

Posted: 9/22/2021 1:07:40 AM

Anyone who knows anything about the NFL and American Football knows that the quarterbacks are the big dogs in the game, they are the most popular, most watched, and often the ones who are most noted by fans and commentators alike.

People enjoy watching them, cheering them on, finding the best quarterbacks to bet on, and looking at their stats as we watch their careers.

Yet, do you ever wonder why these players are always the most popular in the team? Why isn't it the cornerbacks, receivers, or anyone else who is revered so much. Quarterbacks are adored and admired and are without any doubt the most popular players on any team. But why is this? Well, there are plenty of reasons, but the one that is most paramount is that they are also the most important position on the team.

Let’s take a moment to look a little more into why these players are so popular, and understand their role in the team a little bit better.

The most important position.

Quarterbacks are the most important position on a football team, they lead the offense and set the tone for the team. They need many skills such as; leadership, intelligence, being a strong and accurate passer, and a good runner in an option or spread offense. They also do a lot on the field too, with many priorities, and jobs they must do during the play of a game.

In some ways, they are like the teams' supervisor, calling shots, ensuring people are where they need to be and with a keen eye to make plays when needed.

However, now, let’s look at what exactly a quarterback does on the field of play to understand why they are so important.

What does a quarterback actually do?

Quarterbacks have many jobs, and many roles on the field. They have to do a lot before a game even starts, they need to research and understand the tactics and habits of their opposition, so they can figure out the best way to challenge them in-game. They also need to have a good relationship with their teammates and an almost psychic connection with their receivers. However, it goes beyond this, and physically, during game play, they have a lot to do. They are the sports multitaskers.

Passing the ball.

The main job of a quarterback is to pass the ball. There are several receivers going out for a pass, one receiver will be the primary opinion, but if that receiver is covered the quarterback needs to be able to quickly see others and throw to an open player. A skilled quarterback will know where his options are for each player, and be able to check down or progress through each receiver until he finds an open one.

They must work closely with their receivers on both routes and timing, and they will be able to throw the ball in anticipation of where the receiver will be and hit them in full stride. This is what we mean by that almost psychic connection.

Calling the play.

At the start of a game the quarterback will call the play in the huddle, the play can be chosen by the coach or by the quarterback, but the quarterback will tell the rest of the team the kind of play they will run regardless.


Then, once the offense is lined up and the quarterback can see the defense, they may decide the current play would be unwise against the current situation. In these situations, the quarterback calls an audible. Yelling out the new play using code words that only their teammates can understand, keeping their play a secret from the opposition and creating a new strategy to beat the opposing team.

Hiking the ball.

At the start of each play, the center will hike the ball to the quarterback. The center passes the ball from the ground, between their legs and to the quarterback. When the quarterback is under center, they stand directly behind the center and the exchange is more like a hand off. If they are in shotgun, they will be standing several feet behind the center and the ball is hiked into the air like a pass would be.


Quarterbacks are a team leader, their team will look to them to stay positive and set a good example. A good quarterback often results in a good team and good teamwork. Thus, quarterbacks are often seen as the example of a team. They start things off, keep everyone in order, shout any changes to the play, and are pivotal at the start of each play.

Quarterbacks are leaders.

The reason for their popularity.

Quarterbacks are popular because more than any other player in the game, or in any other team sport, they have the power to determine, alone, whether a team will succeed or fail. Their decisions and plays will influence the outcome of the game. They lead each play, and along with these responsibilities come other expectations. They have to deal well under pressure and be very organized, it's a hard position to play, but there is no wonder they're so rewarded and glorified for these efforts.

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