Referees give Jerian Grant an extra free throw in Notre Dame's OT win over NC State -

Referees give Jerian Grant an extra free throw in Notre Dame's OT win over NC State

by WebMaster

Posted: 1/26/2015 10:08:35 AM

A point sure can make a big difference in a college basketball game.  In the second half of the Notre Dame/NC State game, Jerian Grant was fouled and given 3 free throw attempts.  The problem was, Grant's foot was on the line when taking the 3 point attempt.  As seen in the video below, captured by @JamesCurle, Grant makes the bogus third free throw.

With the advantage of this extra point Notre Dame would proceed to comeback and send the game to OT and ultimately win.  We certainly can't say how the game would have changed had the refs only allowed Grant to shoot 2 free throws, but its clear that point made a difference.

The interesting thing is how quiet the national media has been regarding this gaffe by the referees.  Of course, if this had happen during the Duke/St. John's game it would have been the lead story on Sportscenter.  Wait, but it nearly did.  St. John's hit a 3 well after the shot clock expired at the end of the 1st half.  The shot was not reviewable according to NCAA rules, but would have likely forced a rule change had Mike Krzyzewski not picked up his 1,000th win due to the 3 points.

In other laughable referee news, check out what former Duke Blue Devil Lance Thomas did on Saturday night.  He double-dribbled, stepped out of bounds, and went up-and-down on the same play.  Nothing was called.

In other news, thank goodness Karl Hess is no longer an official in the ACC.  That fixed everything.

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