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Jacket fans react to blowout loss to Boston College

by Jfann

Posted: 10/25/2020 8:00:33 AM

It’s a stat normally reserved for for lower division FCS teams playing 2 pay for play games against top 10 college football teams, but it’s Georgia Tech’s last two ACC football games.

After a surprising 46-27 win over Louisville, it appeared Collins may have started  his foundation for rebuilding Georgia Tech. Then the wheels came off in Georgia Tech’s last two games.

Georgia Tech has been outscored a mind blowing 121 – 34 in their last 8 quarters of football. For the math impaired that’s 60.5 – 17 in a 73-7 loss to Clemson and a 48-27 loss to Boston College. Neither of which Georgia Tech made it to halftime without any threat of making the games competitive. With #3 Notre Dame next, could be staring at another lopsided loss.

Talented but erratic QB Jeff Sims has shown little development halfway through the season as he continues to struggle with his decision making and turnovers. The defense has gone from being mediocre to a downright trainwreck that struggles to even make tackles.

Geoff Collins has a lot of motivational and marketing tools, but they are starting feel more like gimmicks.

It’s beginning to wear thin for Georgia Tech fans.  Here is the reaction from a sample of Jacket fans.





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