Best and Worst case record for Notre Dame football in 2020 -

Best and Worst case record for Notre Dame football in 2020

by Jfann

Posted: 9/7/2020 9:00:44 AM

Let's take a look at Notre Dame Football.

Best / Worse Case Record for :

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Notre Dame
It took the extreme set of circumstances of 2020 to make it happen, but Notre Dame is part of the ACC at least for one season. Notre Dame is part of that 2nd Tier of football schools with the Oregons, Georgias, and Penn States of the world. These are very good football programs, but not in the class of the Alabama, Clemson or even fairly recent national title winners like Ohio State, or LSU. Brian Kelly’s Fighting Irish look to join the elite of college football in 2020, and they just might be able to do it.

Will Go 11-0 (10-0) if:
Notre Dame can beat UNC and Clemson. If the Irish go 2-0 against Clemson, and at UNC, you have to like their chances of running the table. Clemson they get at home. Notre Dame should be favored in every game they play expect Clemson, and it’s not impossible to think the Irish knock off the Tigers. Ian Book is an experienced QB who has won a lot of games for the Irish. He’s been in and won big games. The Irish offensive line will be among the 2 or 3 best in the ACC. The defense loses some talent, but it’s hard to see it slipping too far.

Will Go 8-3 (7-3) if:
The Irish can adequately replace their top skill position talent. For the Irish gone are top rusher Tony Jones Jr, and top their top three receivers Chase Claypool, Cole Kmet, and Chris Finke are all gone. Games with Clemson and at UNC could both be losses. Louisville and the at Pitt could trip up the Irish too. The offense was pretty good last year, but not spectacular. If it slips, the Irish could find themselves having trouble scoring consistently.


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