ACC Commissioner, Jim Phillips, With a Massive Miss on Comcast Xfinity Agreement -

ACC Commissioner, Jim Phillips, With a Massive Miss on Comcast Xfinity Agreement

by Hokie Smash

Posted: 10/9/2021 8:45:36 AM

I think it’s safe to say that many Virginia Tech alumni, fans, and friends of the university – and ACC sports fans will not see the Virginia Tech Notre Dame football game this Saturday night on the ACC Network.  Why?  Comcast is the largest cable provider in Virginia.  While it’s true that many subscribers have cut their ties with Comcast, a massive amount of Virginia residents do not have the choice of another cable company.  I’ve previously written about my disdain for Comcast.

First note to self:  I will find a place to watch the Virginia Tech – Notre Dame football game.

It is true that Comcast and Disney are renegotiating their agreement.  However, ACC Commissioner, Jim Phillips, missed a huge opportunity in moving Disney and Comcast towards a final carriage agreement for the ACC Network.  I am, for what it’s worth, surprised that Phillips didn’t at least try to get the “ACC Network early appetizer” thrown for ACC fans as part of the Comcast/Disney negotiations.  There should have been high-level pressure from personnel at the ACC headquarters’ offices and from the university presidents to get this Comcast/Disney ACC Network carriage agreement done.

Second note to self:  I will publicly apologize to ACC Commissioner, Jim Phillips, if this Disney and Comcast get this carriage agreement done by the time Virginia Tech – Notre Dame kickoff.

However, I do not think a deal will be done by game time.  Not having the ACC Network on Comcast is a massive miss this year by ACC Commissioner, Jim Phillips.

There have been several other high profile college football games on the ACC Network this year that many Comcast subscribers will not see – and lots of revenue that ACC schools miss out on due to the lack of this carriage agreement with Comcast.  My friend @TalkinACCSports will have more on this in a future post.

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