Pac-12 Football Injury Report -

Pac-12 Football Injury Report


Bryson CainAnkleOutout for season
Cam DensonFootOutout for season
Carrington VaughnKneeOutout for season
Demetrius Flannigan-FowlesLegQuestionableleft last game, is "?" Saturday vs. Oregon
Isaiah HayesShoulderOutout for season
Jalen HarrisUndisclosedOutis out indefinitely
Josh BrownAnkleQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Oregon
Nick ReinhardtKneeOutout for season

Arizona State

Dasmond TautalatasiUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
George LeaUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Marcus BallUndisclosedOutout for season


Cameron GoodeUndisclosedOutis OUT Saturday vs. Stanford
Cameron SaffleLower BodyOutout for season
Daniel JuarezUndisclosedOutis OUT Saturday vs. Stanford
Demetris RobertsonLower BodyOutout for season
Devante DownsLegOutis out for season
Evan RamboUndisclosedOutis OUT Saturday vs. Stanford
Melquise StovallUndisclosedOutout for season
Raymond HudsonUndisclosedOutis OUT Saturday vs. Stanford
Tre WatsonKneeOutout for season
Zeandae JohnsonUndisclosedOutis OUT Saturday vs. Stanford


Anthony JulmisseDismissedOutout for season
Derek ColemanFootQuestionableis "?"
Dylan KeeneyBackOutout indefinitely
Frank UmuSuspensionOuthas been dismissed
Grant PolleyKneeOutout for season
Jacob MorettiAnkleOutout for season
Jaisen SanchezShoulderOutout for season
Ryan MoellerLegQuestionableis "?"
Shay FieldsUndisclosedQuestionableleft last game, is "?"
Tim LynottLegOutis out for season


A.J. HotchkinsLegQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U
Blake RugraffUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U
Doug BrennerHipOutis out for season
Jake PisarcikUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U
Justin HerbertCollarboneProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. Arizona U
Kani BenoitUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U
Kaulana ApeluAnkleOutout for season
Khalil OliverPersonalOuthas left team
Scott PaganoShoulderQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U
Taylor AlieConcussionQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U
Troy DyeAchillesProbableis probable Saturday vs. Arizona U
Ty GriffinUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. Arizona U

Oregon State

Austin HudsonAnkleQuestionableis "?"
Drew KellUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Dwayne WilliamsKneeOutout for season
Jake LutonBackOutout indefinitely
Jaydon GrantUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Kesi Ah-HoyUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Seth CollinsUndisclosedOutis out indefinitely
Shawn WilsonUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Shemiah Unutoa-WhitsonUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Tino AllenShoulderQuestionableis "?"
Xavier CrawfordBackOutout indefinitely
Zach StandishUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"


Alijah HolderKneeOutis out for season
Connor WedingtonUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. California
Curtis RobinsonUndisclosedProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. California
Dalton SchultzUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. California
Sean BartonKneeOutout for season
Terrence AlexanderForearmDoubtfulis downgraded to doubtful Saturday vs. California
Walker LittleUndisclosedOutis downgraded to OUT Saturday vs. California


Ainuu TauaKneeOutis out for season
Breland BrandtConcussionQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. USC
Caleb WilsonFootOutout for season
Darren AndrewsKneeOutis out for season
Devon ModsterThumbQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. USC
Jaelan PhillipsUndisclosedQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. USC
Jaleel WadoodNeckProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. USC
Josh WoodsShoulderOutis out for season
Kenny LacyHipOutout for season
Krys BarnesIllnessProbableis probable Saturday vs. USC
Matt DickersonCollarboneOutis out indefinitely


Greg JohnsonShoulderOutout for season
Iman MarshallKneeProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. UCLA
Isaiah Pola-MaoShoulderOutout for season
Jacob LichtensteinBackQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. UCLA
James Toland IVShoulderOutis out indefinitely
Jonathan LockettHipOutout for season
Juliano FalanikoKneeQuestionableis "?" Saturday vs. UCLA
Kenny BigelowPersonalOutis out for season
Keyshawn YoungHamstringOutout for season
Marlon TuipulotuBackOutout for season
Michael BrownKneeOutout for season
Porter GustinToeOutis out indefinitely
Tayler KatoaKneeOutout for season
Viane TalamaivaoPectoralOutout for season


Azeem VictorSuspensionOutis out indefinitely
Byron MurphyFootOutout indefinitely
Chico McClatcherAnkleOutout for season
David AjamuLegOutout for season
Hunter BryantLegOutis out indefinitely
Jordan MillerAnkleOutis out for season
Quinten PoundsUndisclosedOutis out for season
Trey AdamsKneeOutis out for season

Washington State

Derek MooreUndisclosedQuestionableis "?"
Gerard WicksLegQuestionableis "?"
Nate DeRiderKneeQuestionableis "?"
Peyton PelluerFootOutout for season

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