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Is there a Duke and UNC backlash in the ACC?

   Posted by All Sports Discussion at  2/29/2012 8:43:32 PM  |  Follow us on Twitter: @scacchoops
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 With North Carolina’s blowout victory over Maryland, the rematch is set. UNC and Duke with an ACC Regular Season Title on the line. There is an NCAA number 1 seed in play, rivalry bragging rights, and oh year they are both ranked in the top 5. Just another typical game in college basketball’s biggest rivalry, and I think some fans of other ACC teams are getting sick of the pre-game hype.

The picture I have here was taken from the ACC’s Facebook page, but that isn’t the sentiment of just this fan. If you look there you’ll see others like “Dear ACC – We exist Sincerely the other 10 teams in the conference”. Every time you turn on ESPN they are talking Saturday’s game.

Tuesday’s Duke\Wake Forest contest was basically a Duke\UNC game preview. My twitter timeline was filled with remarks about how ESPN barely discussed the actual game, and focused in large part Duke\UNC. I have to admit, it was a disservice to Wake Forest who fought hard to get back in the contest to play third wheel to the Duke\UNC preview show. I thought about though, do these fans have a legit beef? Yes and no…

The ACC is not just Duke and UNC and to hear that game promoted non-stop can be frustrating to non-Duke\UNC fans.  You don’t like the ACC’s lack of football respect? Are you tired of  Duke\UNC being talked about non-stop in ACC basketball? Do you wish the ACC made SEC type TV money? Want more fans in the stands? Here’s the solution and it’s the solution I always give to everything that ails the ACC. Win and win some more. You know why Duke and UNC are playing the biggest game of the year? They win and they win a lot. 3 weeks ago you heard about Duke, UNC, and Florida State in the same sentence and do you know why? It’s because Florida State beat UNC and Duke.

Maryland basketball under Gary Williams proved in the late 90s and early 2000s that you can break through and be just as big a story in the ACC as Duke\UNC. I would venture to say Maryland\Duke was one of the fiercest rivalries in the ACC in the last 20 years.

It can be done, but right now Duke\UNC basketball is the biggest story going in the ACC.


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@bhammond   (Not Registered)
There's definitely a backlash - 2/29/2012 10:40:05 PM - Login Verification: None

 I think there are a lot of things at play.  One is the perception that UNC and Duke get all the calls (a perception that I'm not in the mood to disagree with after Saturday's UNC-UVA debacle).  The perception has been around forever and no one will ever agree on whether it's true or not.

But the backlash against ESPN is real and, I think, more complicated than just the irritation with their excessive focus on UNC-Duke.  

ESPN has a general college basketball blog and one team-specific blog - focused on North Carolina.  ESPN releases their votes for ACC player of the year, and they give 10 votes to Zeller, 1 to Kendall Marshall, and 1 to Mike Scott.  I don't feel like arguing the Scott v. Zeller case here, but does anyone think the media that follow the ACC closely and vote for postseason awards are going to vote for Zeller over Scott at anything close to a 10-to-1 margin?  By focusing so much of the conversation on UNC and Duke it seems like ESPN is sometimes just ignorant that there's anyone else in the conference.

bobboone   (Not Registered)
POY - 3/2/2012 5:20:13 PM - Login Verification: None

How is the "Scott" player from Va even in the POY discussion?  I don't think Zeller is the ACC player of the year, but they gotta give it to somebody.  Is Mike Scott representative of the ACC's best player? or most valuable?  It sincerely looks like he is on a team that is barely above .500 in the ACC, and lost its four chances to beat UNC/Duke and even Fla St. at home--all of which are the best in the ACC.

North Carolina13-226-4
Florida State11-420-9
North Carolina State8-719-11
Miami (FL)8-717-11

If their non conference schedule weren't so easy, Clemson and State would have better overall records.  Who can we pick from Clemson for POY?  They killed UVA too.

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