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T-Bone   (10 post(s) - Manager)
New NBA Custom team Sim Problems - 2/11/2018 4:33:15 PM - Login Verification: SCACCHoops

Gamesim* must be having issues. I created a custom New York Knicks team and added Luke Kornet to it, then simulated to see the individual stats and he wasn't even on the custom roster I created. I used last nights complete roster that played for the Knicks and just used the default Indiana Pacers roster.

Thanks for any clarity in advance.


WebMaster   (698 post(s) - All-Conference)
Kornet - 2/11/2018 4:39:23 PM - Login Verification: SCACCHoops

Since Kornet has played just 1 game all year compared to the rest of the roster, it severely limits his opportunities getting into a game based on how the game sim works.  As he starts to play more regularly, his playing time would go up in game sim as well.

T-Bone   (10 post(s) - Manager)
Interesting - 2/18/2018 4:31:21 PM - Login Verification: SCACCHoops

The fact that he wasn't on the roster is the problem... 

If he isn't on the roster he can't generate any stats at all. I understand that the sim most likely goes off averages and then sim's that into account. 

Unless you are saying that even though he has been placed on the cusom roster there is no gareentee he will show up in the box score at all based on limited play. Thats confuseing considering players that are on the injured list or possibly a coaches decions still appear in the box score.


Thanks for the reply.

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