Player Info for Robert Brown

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Robert Brown

Team: Virginia Tech
Year: SO
Height: 6-5
Weight: 190
Home Town: Clermont, FL
High School: 
Virginia Tech
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Comparable Players
Explanation of Similarity Scores
Gary Saunders947.39
Levi Watkins936.00
Lance Hurdle935.88
Jeff Brown933.64
Migjen Bakali933.43
Denis Clemente931.00
Chris Bolden928.07
Charlie Harrison926.58
Eric Burks923.67
Cameron Wright921.89
Pat Sullivan921.56
Anthony `Cat` Barber918.12
Demetrius Jackson917.75
Michael Drum917.00
Buzz Peterson913.72
Comparable Players through SO Season
Explanation of Similarity Scores
Gary Saunders947.39
Taron Downey946.00
Curtis Marshall935.05
Dexter Strickland934.72
Chey Christie933.00
Denis Clemente931.00
Jeff Adkins927.79
Lakista McCuller925.94
Sammy Zeglinski925.64
Danny Miller924.56
Harvey Hale924.00
Eric Burks923.67
Patrick Heckmann922.26
Tony Rutland920.59
Nolan Smith918.51
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