ACC Football Injury Report -

ACC Football Injury Report

Boston College

Chris Garrison (WR)TibiaOutout indefinitely
Connor Strachan (LB)ShoulderQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. NC State
Jon Hilliman (RB)AnkleProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. NC State
Patrick Towles (QB)HamstringQuestionableinjured last game, "?" Saturday vs. NC State
Troy Flutie (WR)SuspensionOutout indefinitely


Adrian Baker (CB)KneeOutis downgraded to expected to miss Saturday vs. Florida State
Adrien Dunn (WR)ACLOutout indefinitely
Chandler Reeves (OL)KneeOutout indefinitely
Hunter Renfrow (WR)HandProbableinjured last game, probable Saturday vs. Florida State
Jalen Williams (LB)KneeProbableprobable Saturday vs. Florida State
Tremayne Anchrum (OL)AnkleProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. Florida State
Wayne Gallman (RB)HeadProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. Florida State


DeVon Edwards (CB)KneeOutout for season
Thomas Sirk (QB)AchillesOutout for season
Tinashe Bere (LB)KneeOutout for season
Zach Morris (DT)KneeOutout for season


Adam Torres (DE)FootOutis downgraded to expected to miss Saturday vs. Clemson
Corey Martinez (OL)KneeQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Clemson
Darvin Taylor II (DT)ShoulderQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Clemson
Derwin James (DB)KneeOutout indefinitely
George Campbell (WR)GroinOutout for season
George Campbell (WR)AcademicsOutout for season
Jesus Wilson (WR)FootOutis downgraded to expected to miss Saturday vs. Clemson
Johnathan Vickers (RB)ConcussionOutis downgraded to expected to miss Saturday vs. Clemson
Keith Bryant (DT)FootOutout for season
Malik Henry (QB)Suspension Servedlikely to redshirt
Nate Andrews (DB)PectoralOutout for season
Nate Andrews (DB)SuspensionOutout indefinitely

Georgia Tech

Dedrick Mills (RB)Upper BodyOutexpected to miss Saturday vs. Duke
P.J. Davis (LB)UndisclosedQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Duke


Cornelius Sturghill (CB)FootOutout for season
L.J. Scott (RB)HamstringQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Virginia
London Iakopo (S)KneeOutout for season
Trevon Young (LB)HipOutout for season


Al-Quadin Muhammad (DL)DismissedOuthas been dismissed
Chad Thomas (DL)Upper BodyQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Notre Dame
Demetrius Jackson (DL)KneeQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Notre Dame
Gerald Willis (DL)KneeQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Notre Dame
Jamie Gordinier (LB)KneeOutout for season
Juwon Young (LB)SuspensionOuthas transferred
Lawrence Cager (WR)KneeOutout for season
Rayshawn Jenkins (DB)LegQuestionableinjured last game, "?" Saturday vs. Notre Dame
Sam Bruce (WR)DismissedOuthas been dismissed
Scott Patchan (DL)KneeQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Notre Dame
Sheldrick Redwine (DB)UndisclosedQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Notre Dame
Sunny Odogwu (OL)AnkleOutout indefinitely
Trayone Gray (RB)KneeOutout for season
Tucker Beirne (QB)Legal problemsOutout indefinitely


Allen Artis (LB)SuspensionOutout indefinitely
Caleb Peterson (OL)BackOutout for season
Dajaun Drennon (DE)HamstringQuestionable"?"
John Ferranto (OT)PectoralOutout for season
Jon Heck (OT)HeadQuestionable"?"
Jonathan Smith (LB)FootOutout for season
Mack Hollins (WR)CollarboneOutout for season
Tomon Fox (DE)LegOutout indefinitely


Avonte Maddox (DB)ElbowQuestionable"?"
Bam Bradley (LB)Upper BodyQuestionable"?"
Chris Clark (TE)KneeOutout for season
Chris Wuestner (WR)PersonalOuthas left team
Dewayne Hendrix (DL)FootOutout for season
Dontez Ford (WR)CollarboneQuestionable"?"
Elijah Zeise (LB)AnkleOutout for season
Mike Grimm (OL)HipOutout for season
Zach Challingsworth (WR)Upper BodyQuestionable"?"
Zack Gilbert (DL)HeartOutout for season

NC State

Brian Sessoms (WR)AchillesOutout for season
C.J. Riley (WR)KneeOutout for season
Dravious Wright (DB)UndisclosedProbableis upgraded to probable Saturday vs. Boston College
Jumichael Ramos (WR)KneeOutout for season
Will Richardson (OT)IllnessQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Boston College


Antwan Cordy (DB)ForearmOutout for season
Cordell Hudson (DB)UndisclosedQuestionable"?"
Devin Butler (WR)UndisclosedQuestionable"?"
Devon Clarke (DB)UndisclosedOutout indefinitely
Jason Emerich (OL)ShoulderOutout for season
Juwan Dowels (DB)KneeOutout for season
Keaton Darney (OL)UndisclosedQuestionable"?"
Omari Palmer (OL)LegOutout for season
Pj Batten (TE)PersonalOuthas left team
Taylor Hindy (OL)PersonalOuthas left team
Trey Dunkelberger (DL)Personalexpected to transfer
Wayne Morgan (DB)UndisclosedOutout indefinitely


Christian Baumgardner (DE)UndisclosedQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Louisville
Christian Brooks (DL)ShoulderOutout for season
Darious Latimore (CB)KneeOutout for season
Malcolm Cook (LB)IllnessOutout for season
Myles Robinson (CB)ToeOutout for season
Sean Karl (G)BackOutout for season
Tim Harris (CB)ShoulderOutout for season
Warren Craft (WR)UndisclosedQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Louisville

Virginia Tech

Deshawn McClease (RB)Lower BodyOutout for season
Trent Young (LB)KneeOutout for season

Wake Forest

Cam Serigne (TE)HamstringQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Army
John Wolford (QB)Nonelikely to start Saturday vs. Army
Kendall Hinton (QB)KneeQuestionable"?" Saturday vs. Army

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