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Wake 2018 target John Newman Commits to Clemson Basketball

Blogger So Dear on

What does this mean for Wake in 2018 basketball recruiting?

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Scout's take: ATH Kyler McMichael brings versatility to Clemson


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NBA Draft: ACC sets record with 10 1st round selections

WebMaster on

The ACC was well represented at the 2017 NBA Draft. The league set a record with 10 first round selections. On top of that the first 2 picks in the 2nd round were also ACC players. In total, 14 ACC players were picked in the 2 rounds of the draft on Thursday evening. Take a look at all of the selections below.

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Syracuse football returns more tackles than any team in FBS

NunesMagician on

That’s potentially a good thing.

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Ranking the 5 best Offensive Linemen in the ACC for 2017

All Sports Discussion on

You have to win in the trenches. Who are the ACC’s best offensive linemen?

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5 Reasons the ACC will stay near the top of College Football

All Sports Discussion on

Back in January, I asked could the ACC remain the nation’s best football conference after overtaking the SEC in 2016. The short was “no” as I think the days of total conference domination are over. The nation’s top conference will change from year to year. What I want to go into here is why the ACC will remain near the top of College Football and will be a part of that best conference discussion in most years. Is there any concern the ACC could slip back into BCS era football? I don’t believe so, let’s get into those reason’s why ACC football is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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