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Tale of the Tape: McKie vs. Barnes

   Posted by Blogger So Dear at  1/31/2012 1:56:41 PM  |  Follow us on Twitter: @scacchoops
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Coming into Wake's big time game against UNC tonight, I decided I'd run a special feature matching up 2 players, one from each team, and comparing and contrasting them. The most natural matchup that occurred to me was Wake's Travis McKie vs. UNC's Harrison Barnes, so that's the matchup we're going to look at in this feature. Everything from size to stats will be looked at in this feature.


Gerry Broome - AP


McKie: 6'7"/210

Barnes: 6'8"/215

Edge: Barnes, but barely. There's not much of a difference here.



McKie: 16.3

Barnes: 17.5

Edge: Again, Barnes, but barely, and this is particularly interesting given another stat I'll get into later.



McKie: 7.1

Barnes: 4.6

Edge: McKie by a healthy margin on the boards. Of course, UNC has more of a front line so it might be deceptive, but it is indeed possible that McKie is more of a board-crasher in general than Barnes.



McKie: 14.5%

Barnes: 10.1%

Edge: Healthy edge to McKie percentage-wise, as well.



McKie: 8.9%

Barnes: 7.2%

Edge: Again, the edge goes to McKie.



McKie: 1.1

Barnes: 1.0

Edge: Virtually even, though McKie has the smallest edge possible here.



McKie: 14

Barnes: 8

Edge: McKie



McKie: 47.5% on 261 attempts

Barnes: 49.1% on 271 attempts

Edge: Slight edge to Barnes here.



McKie: 34,9% on 63 attempts

Barnes: 45% on 60 attempts

Edge: Healthy edge to Barnes on this one.



McKie: 51.7%

Barnes: 54.1%

Edge: Slight edge to Barnes here. Without that 1-13 game, the edge would probably go to Travis.



McKie: 70.6% on 102 attempts

Barnes: 73,5% on 102 attempts

Edge: Barnes by a little, though it's fascinating to me that they've taken exactly the same number of free throws. For the record, the difference in percentage is a measly 3 makes.



McKie; 34.7 minutes

Barnes: 26.3 minutes

Edge: McKie gets significantly more minutes. This is worth considering when you factor things like number of shot attempts, but I'll get to that.



McKie: 25.5%

Barnes: 26.5%

Edge: Barnes gets used even more than McKie, which is interesting to me particularly because McKie gets significantly more minutes, so you'd think it would be the other way around. However, it's a very slight difference regardless.



Statistically, when you put everything together and factor it all in, it's almost eerie. McKie and Barnes are, in most ways, virtually identical players. McKie seems to be a more "blue-collar" player with more rebounds (by a large margin) and blocks, while Barnes is significantly more of a threat outside. All considered, though, everything is so close in most other categories, they're virtually interchangeable. If we were in bizarro world and Barnes was a Deac and McKie was a Tar Heel, if the pure stats are anything to go by, there probably wouldn't be a particularly significant difference in the standings of the teams.

I was actually surprised how similar these two are. We've seen it before, but it'll definitely be cool to see these two amazing players battle again on the court.

As always, comments encouraged and appreciated. Go Deacs.

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dude   (Not Registered)
some strong analysis, not really though - 1/31/2012 4:32:57 PM - Login Verification: None

Here's the reasons they don't compare:

McKie is one of two players capable of generating any offense for Wake. Barnes is one of 5 or 6.

The difference in minutes per game is heavily discounted in this analysis. Let's assume that they both score 17 ppg. That means Barnes scores .65 pts/min, while McKie only scores .49 pts/min. So given McKie's minutes, Barnes would average 22.5 ppg, significantly more than McKie's ppg. Applying this method to other stats like rebounding and assists helps show a more accurate picture. Yes, McKie is still a better blocker and rebounder, but not by as much as you'd have us think.

Anyway, I know you Wake fans are having a pretty bad season and are looking for some silver lining, so I won't stomp on your dreams further.

Here's to a good competitive game. Go Heels!

WebMaster   (689 post(s) - All-Conference)
At half - 1/31/2012 9:02:53 PM - Login Verification: SCACCHoops

Comparing at halftime, all Barnes

McKie 0 pts, 8 rebs

Barnes 7 pts, 5 rebs

bobboone   (Not Registered)
LOL - 3/9/2012 4:09:06 PM - Login Verification: None

That was the dumbest analysis I have ever seen.  If Barnes played for Wake, they would have made the NCAA tournament.  Maybe McKie can get a job as a limo driver for Barnes in a couple of seasons.

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