ACC Week 12 awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. -

ACC Week 12 awards: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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All Sports Discussion gives you the good, the bad, and the ugly from this weekend's ACC football action.

The Good

2 ACC BCS Teams again? 

Clemson moved to 10-1 today with a 14 point win over NC State. Florida State routed Maryland 41-14 in a game that wasn’t that close. It’s very possible that the ACC could get 2 BCS teams for the 2nd straight year.

In fact if Clemson beats South Carolina, its a virtual lock that the Tigers will get an at-large bid. Florida State is headed to the ACC Title game where they will face Georgia Tech or Miami. The ACC’s top two teams control their own destiny and nationally can earn big time respect if they beat South Carolina and Florida next Saturday.

Turnaround Complete

From 3-5 and a coach moving towards the hotseat to a possible berth in the ACC Title game. Georgia Tech’s has won 3 straight ACC games by at least 18 points, and you’d be hard pressed to find a team outside of Clemson and FSU an ACC team playing better. Today Georgia Tech beat Duke 42-24. The Jackets haven’t missed a bowl game since 1996 and they won’t miss one this year. If Duke beats Miami or Miami beats Duke but self-imposes a bowl ban, then the Jackets are Charlotte bound.

We want a bowl!

Miami won today 40-9 over South Florida as QB Stephen Morris threw for 413 yards. That moves Miami to 6-5 and makes them bowl eligible. If Miami beats Duke next they will be the ACC Coastal Division champs. Will they self impose a bowl ban? I’ve had this discussion and I hope not. Just go a head and play in the title game. I think the Canes have shown great perseverance playing hard and earned a shot at the ACC title. Let them play…

Virginia Tech beat BC 30-23 to get to 5-6. That keeps their bowl hopes alive with Virginia up next. I watched most of this game and the Hokies looked lifeless. For their sake I’m glad the Hokie dug deep. Maybe they can still salvage something out of the season.

Prime Time 

North Carolina played in prime time on Thursday and routed a Virginia Cavalier team fighting for a bowl spot 37-13. QB Bryn Renner was sharp as UNC improved to 7-4. The Tar Heels have quietly had a solid season and with Maryland next week, they could get to 8-4. That would be a rock solid first season head coach Larry Fedora.

The Bad

No Bowling

Wake Forest got shutout 38-0 by Notre Dame. That means At 5-6 and facing a red-hot Vanderbilt team next week the chances of the Deacs going to a bowl are pretty slim.

Spaz Watch

It looked like for awhile Boston College might pull off a nice win over Virginia Tech, but then BC became BC. They gave up a late FG, then lost in OT to fall to 2-9. The Frank Spaziani watch continues.

They scored again

62 points NC State? to Clemson? Really? The supposed breakthrough year for the Wolfpack has them at 6-5. They aren’t the ACC’s most disappointing team. That honor goes to Virginia Tech, but the Wolfpack fanbase can’t be happy about how this season has gone starting with a loss to a bad Tennessee team, then the winning streak against UNC broken, now the 62 point debacle against Clemson. They do finish with Boston College which should get the Pack to 7-5.

The Ugly

Good Bye Maryland?

You probably know the story by now. It’s being reported by multiple credible sources that Maryland is in negotiations with the Big 10 for a possible to move to that conference. From an ACC standpoint this doesn’t cripple the conference the way a Clemson or Florida State move would have. Maryland is a replaceable brand. My preference is Louisville due to it’s quality football and basketball programs. The problem is if the Terps get around the $50 Million exit fee either by getting it lowered or having the Big 10 loan them the money, they may be providing the blueprint for other ACC teams to leave should they desire.

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